Cowboys open up 4 point favorites for Week 6 at New England

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hardline, Oct 11, 2021.

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    The Dallas Cowboys will be taking their four-game win streak on the road next week, all the way up to the northeast where they will face the New England Patriots. The Patriots are coming off a close win over the Houston Texans, but are only 2-3 on the 2021 season. They are still struggling in the post-Tom Brady era as they search for an identity while breaking in a rookie quarterback.

    As such, even though Dallas is on the road at what used to be a traditionally tough place to win, the Cowboys are favored by four points according to DraftKings Sportsbook.
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    We’ll be favored in every game the rest of the year most likely. If KC gets it together we may be underdogs in Arrowhead, and if Arizona has 2+ games on us in the W/L column they may be favored over us at home, but those are the only ones even in question.
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    Nobody sleeps on Belichick.
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    The last time Dallas played NE the weather was lousy and it hurt both teams. It certainly kept the score down.

    Perhaps the sports books are expecting a let down from Dallas given this game is not really that important to them in the scheme of things. It is a nonconference game and a uncommon opponent.

    What we do know is that the Cowboys of the past have made rookie QBs look like season vets. The Patriots have a rookie QB.
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    Not sure why considering NE is the home team.
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    For a place we haven’t won since 1996 I’ll take it
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    there is almost no chance Dallas is favored in KC
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    you don’t know why? Then you aren’t built to be an oddsmaker
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    uncomfortable as faves, please change that lol outdoor field in weather concern me ..see 2019 Dak did not look good in that crud..
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    That line is to influence people to pick NE, since there will be a lot of money coming in on Dallas. It gets you to think, "Gee, Dallas should be favored by more......what does Vegas know, that we don't?". Don't fall for it. Dallas wins comfortably.
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    This game will be a nice test. BB finds weaknesses and exploits them. On paper we take it to them. It will be up to the coaching staff to make adjustments and not allow BBs shenanigans.
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  14. Maxmadden

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    Close at halftime. Same results by the end of the game.
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  15. NeathBlue

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    2 turnovers and a dropped pass in the end zone stopped us from blowing out the Giants before halftime, we avoid those sort of errors against New England and we should win this by 2 scores.
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    Bill Belichick will have a plan. Stopping the run. The passing game will kill him. Put pressure on Prescott. The running game will kill him. The only thing you can do is try to outscore us , take a vantage of our first quarter sloppiness I think we finally win. Against the patriots. By seven
  17. Whirlwin

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    Because they’re not a good football team
  18. Whirlwin

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    Totally agree. If we stop the sloppy. We win. We’ve been playing for 4/ Quarters no,matter what the score
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    I will eat that crow.

    Urban Meyer is a shatshow.

  20. Yoshimitsu

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    Dallas is 5-0 vs the spread this year. Lose that money if you want too.

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