Video: Cowboys Report: So really, what is going on with Amari Cooper?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. Pompey-Cowboy

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    Hmm, I'm more concerned about MM's inability to say 'yes' or 'no' than I am about any injury a player may or may not have.
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    Not a WR but I'll give you the myth that is Matt Johnson.
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    ain't no ordinary car. damn, i just got your lambo reference to green bay. good one. i just call him lambo as in the car.
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    I know the hypocrisy is thick! EE plays nearly the entire game all 16 most snaps by any RB since 2016 , he gets hate for tapping out once a game,

    AC jogs through 5 games misses 3 only has stats like #1 for 8 home games, gets 20mil and he ok.. our hero..
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    If he was drafted by Green Bay wouldn't he have to be called Lambo? Just sayin'
  6. 75boyz

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    No argument from me. I'm a believer in production matching paycheck. Not really big on "supposed potential and market value."

    And if you're always injured, pay for games played.

    I realize there will be unavoidable exceptions ie season ending injuries, so that applies of course.

    Go Cowboys
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  7. Typhus

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    Its precautionary,, they are paying very close attention to AC, and measuring his muscle tightness, so he measured a defined level of tightness that supposedly elevates the chance of a possible injury, tear...
    AC has been running sideline drills the last 4 weeks.
    Staff is being above extra precautionary with AC to avoid any possible elevated chance of injury.
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  8. BigStar

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    Planar fasciitis doesn't go away without long rest. Like a year off type of rest. Not a few weeks. I like Amari, and hope he can pull through. I had it in High School and wasn't right until the next season. Played maybe 50% of what I was, you have no leverage without your heel strength (or confidence). Feels like pins in your heels every time you bend your foot.
  9. OmerV

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    Do they even play football in Denmark?

    And by football, I don't mean soccer.
  10. Cowboy Lover

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    I think it's perfect. None ya...for now.
  11. CouchCoach

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    How to answer a question without answering the question. He was definitely not trying to say something.

    I am giving McC a pass here because I know one of the things he's been warned about is the local media. If you've ever been to one of those walk through shark tanks, that's them. Always circling because their greatest fear is that the national media gets it first.

    They're still smarting from that reliable source Ed Werder embarrassment that they should have been all over as the local guys. Time was that local sports writers were protected by the teams and it was a reciprocal arrangement, which is why the truth about Cobb, Ruth. Mantle and Rose was kept quiet by those writers. Protect the game, protect the team and protect their job.

    Today, the competition is off the charts with web sites and blogs all with writers wanting to make a name for themselves. Add that to print, radio and TV and it's a jungle to navigate for people in the game. Give the wrong answer and Pandora's Box will look like a child's birthday party.

    Remember the ruckus caused by just one truly honest answer from Romo about losing a football game? "If that's the worst that happens to me, I've had a good life". In the aftermath of that, few ever brought up his father was fighting cancer at the time.

    Do you find yourself doing this as much as I do? "Damn, this is just a game". There is far too much coverage of sports now and it doesn't make the game better.
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  12. Arkyvarminter

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    Cooper just doesn't act right and i mean last year too. He doesn't seem like he gets into games at all. Maybe he's just a great talent that doesn't love the game......
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  13. 75boyz

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    Excellent perspective.
  14. 75boyz

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    My personal opinion and not to go complete behaviorist, is that Cooper has a guarded, non engaging type personality in general. Bit of a loner whose trust you gotta really earn.

    As far as his love of the game goes, there seems to be an element of playing with a chip on his shoulder since being traded to Dallas.

    But definitely not the all smiles, I'm having fun and this is just a game projection being shared as his vibe.

    Very businesslike mostly from what I've observed.

    I'm a Bama guy, so I'm a fan, but Coop is definitely an interesting kid.

    My opinion

    Go Cowboys
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  15. CouchCoach

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    He's always had that look about him on the sideline and he was feast or famine in OAK as I played DFS back then and he was really risk/reward as a starter. There wasn't that sweet spot minimum you could bank on with him, it was either extreme.

    He looks disinterested at times but I think that's just his look, he's not an excitable boy. He's on sedatives compared to Dez.

    The other thing about him, and this was the same with Irvin, they have to get him into the game early or he'll drift. Some WR's are like ADHD students, have to get them engaged to keep them engaged. Moss was the same way, he was accused of taking plays off but he drifted if they didn't get him involved early on.
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  16. 75boyz

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    Totally coach. Disinterested is the perfect adjective.
    The feast or famine inconsistencies that existed in Oakland as you stated reared their head in away games last year as well.

    What character traits I also agreed with were your Moss comparison to taking plays off and getting him involved early like Irvin are absolutely applicable. It's almost become a standard to the WR1 of most NFL teams nowadays...
    For most of these alpha personalities it's either "Get him involved early" or they become aloof or counter productive even.

    Go Cowboys
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  17. blueblood70

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    yup they knew about this Plantar faciatitis(sp) ie a preexisting condition why didnt they put a clause similar to MCcoy that if this particular injury caused him to miss time he would lose some game checks..?
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  18. 75boyz

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    I may be wrong but I think Sean Lee's contract had specific injury/games played clauses to protect them just in case as well.

    No doubt bro, should have been spelled out in writing, especially since its recurring as you said.

    I mean, maybe if he misses actual games there will be something revealed related to his contract.

    At least I hope so.
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  19. Qcard

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    No need to open up till it matters...Cooper will be fine. Veterans Day given by Superbowl Coach.

    Garretism still prevailing amongst the Cowboy masses. Let IT GO!!!
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  20. GhostOfPelluer

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    Rest easy gents, Cooper made the final roster. Cut day is so stressful!
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