News: Cowboys rookie scrutinizes Tom Brady's mobility

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by J12B, Sep 3, 2021.

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  2. RonWashington

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    Dallas was gashed by any and all running games last year so first things first if on first down the ball carrier is 5 yards up field or containment outside is bad 2nd & 3rd and short with Brady will not work if Dallas expects a win.
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  3. CalPolyTechnique

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    Rookie mistake.
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  4. SeanLee50

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    So he was asked his weakness and answers? He scrutinized the one thing Brady doesn’t do well … run. He ran for 6 yards last season

    People need to quit acting like he said “Oh his arm is weak now, he’s old and he plays like trash”

    So Brady can openly say that he’s going to whip the Cowboys *** and we can’t rally? But saying he can’t run whole calling him the GOAT is some sort of rally call?
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  5. jazzcat22

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    Just hope Tom doesn't make him pay for that. :laugh:

    But he is correct.
    My gut feeling. Smack him in the dirt a few times. Use our speed to contain him, he will fold.
  6. D_Boyz

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    Why would you take the bait on this? They're asking a rookie for a reason. I doubt vets would take the bait.
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  7. cowboyblue22

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    the media looking for something to spice up brady and the bucs and make them play harder something they dont need any way to win this game they are the better team pure and simple this way a game setup by the nfl to improve their bottom line this game was a game that the cowboys were never going to win other jerry jones who will profit from it in his bottom line
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  8. Starforever

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    Why should any grown man fear another? Soft, soft, soft.
  9. Tangle_Foot

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    That's pressure 101. I don't see that as bulletin board material. As they say in the courtroom "asked and answered" now let's get after the old bass-turd, move him off his spot and put him on his butt. Gregory, Tank and Parsons oh my.

    Let's Go Cowboys! Beat Tampa!! :flagwave:
  10. TequilaCowboy

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    He said no lies....I have no problems with being vocal...but i want to see him back it up too. Need to get our own defense fired up and confident as well and not going ga-ga because its TB.
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  11. dogberry

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    QBs shouldn’t run faster than 5.28 in the forty and jump higher than 24 inches.

    if they do, it stunts their development.
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  12. Furboy

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    He's correctly identified that. Now use it! If there's one thing Brady doesn't handle well,, it's getting thrown to the ground a lot and heavy pressure. Make Brady suffer!!!
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  13. calicowboy54

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  14. erod

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    The ball is gone so fast from Brady most of the time, it doesn't matter. And sacking him doesn't rattle him whatsoever. Tampa can run the ball, too.
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  15. cityochamps

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    My thought exactly on the pay back, last thing we want to do is motivate Brady (BOAT) on the other hand if we can get him out of rhythm that would be awesome.:flagwave:
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  16. Praxit

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    ....thats why the guy is master of dink, dunk, dive and duck. ..;).
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  17. rocyaice

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    Its just this pessimistic society we live in. Anyone that has followed Brady knows damn well he doesn't need any motivation lol. I get sick of people wanting these guys to be scared and for what? It won't change the outcome of the game.
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  18. rocyaice

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    Brady is never not motivated lol.
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  19. Aviano90

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    Great! Here comes 3 QB sneaks for TDs.
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  20. CowboysWillRise

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    Hes not wrong and he wasn't disrespectful. I like the fact he doesn't care how Tommy, or the Bucs feel about it. Just go play your game. That's the type of personalities we need on this defense. Now back it up.

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