Cowboys settle cheerleader pay dispute, entire squad gets pay boost

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hardline, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. DallasInDC

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    Post pics or didn't happen. :D
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  2. superonyx

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    You asked for it..

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  3. panchucko

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    Darn Rowdy, the curse of us not making it to the super bowl and is being paid well to do it
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  4. dcstar

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    Too be sure that's a joke....right?


    Go Cowboys!
  5. DanA

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    I’ve got no problem with them fighting for a bigger wage and getting it. They are providing an entertainment service viewed by 90,000 people live plus whatever is filmed or used for marketing. I don’t think $12 an hour and $400 a game reflects the value of their service.

    And if they don’t like the pay they could go into another trade.....or they could fight for a bigger wage as they done.
  6. shabazz

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    Fierce Women!
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  7. DanTanna

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  8. dfense

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    It's not a career.
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  9. HonestOffer

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    Glad they finally got a raise, they’ve been giving me one for years.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    Best 70's hair styles i guess, lol.
  11. Number1

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    I grew up in a time and place were athletics were exceptional,
    several folks I came up with played pro sports, 3 are in the NFL HoF

    one of the finest athletes I've ever known (and real cool friend) grew up in a rough neighborhood (arguably the worst urban war zone in the US). From the time she was in kindergarten she stood out as a fantastic athlete - energy, speed, coordination, diligence, guts for days, tom boy tough, a natural leader, true poise, and yes - drop dead gorgeous

    2x state champ and head cheerleader in high school and all state (5a California)
    2x national champ and head cheerleader in college and all American (division 1)

    literally a one in a million athlete - she achieved her dream of reaching the top of her sport - a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

    and didn't get paid - 30 years later they still don't get paid - that's what that is - maybe things will get better
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  12. Walker

    Walker Texas Ranger

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    Pretty sad JJ, they should have hold out like Zeke
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  13. Hoofbite

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    Good for them. Felt they should be paid fair and fought for it. Not sure why anyone would disapprove of that.
  14. DandyDon52

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    no one said that about elliott!
  15. TNCowboy

    TNCowboy Double Trouble

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    You realize, no one makes them do that?

    Jones should have disbanded them.
  16. Nav22

    Nav22 Benched

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    Then give the servers, janitors and the guys who walk around selling overpriced beers a raise too.

    They’re just as deserving.
  17. DFWJC

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    It has never been about money with the Dallas Cowboy Cheeleaders

    Tryouts were for the privilege to get to do it.
    Tons of exposure and bragging rights for life
    If Im not mistaken, they used to do it for free before Jerry

    Having said that, if we going to continue to have them, I think they should be paid.
    and more than they currently are.
  18. Brax

    Brax Well-Known Member

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    fact check, post a link. the only one making $$$$ is Jerry
  19. Wichitaleafs

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    Then don't do it. They know the pay coming in.
  20. GenoT

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    I’ve been a business world-traveler (musician) for @45yrs.

    What I’ve learned over those years is, most people outside of North America have no idea who the Dallas Cowboys are, but most people recognize the DC Cheerleaders.

    They rep the Cowboys, they work hard, they’re the best in the the women!
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