Cowboys settle cheerleader pay dispute, entire squad gets pay boost

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hardline, Sep 12, 2019.

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    @dallasdave is missing...
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    Ask all the cheerleaders if they feel uncomfortable or undervalued. And why they pursue this job/hobby/career-building gig. And if they will stay on.
    Blimey, the things I say!
  3. Wolf2k5

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    I know why....
  4. Kevinicus

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    I don't think anyone is, or has, suggested they shouldn't have the right to negotiate. I think they're saying nobody should feel sorry for them for making what they agreed to when they took the job, because they are not being forced to do this. It's their own decision.
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    Overpaid for drama master at the running back position but somehow these billionaire owners cannot pay all fairly...

    I have no respect for these owners.
  7. Number1

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    these ladies are literally world class pro athletes and often the face of the world's most profitable sports franchise

    and should be paid as such - shocking to me JJ hasn't figured out the value the positive press it would earn

    frankly, ... it's dirt cheap fool proof marketing - instant increase in media share and apparel sales ... market share

    the kind likely to stick with you (like every lady broadcaster in sports)

    that's a play JJ should see and make
  8. Hoofbite

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    Are there people who feel sorry for them?

    It seems quite possible that someone agrees they are underpaid while not feeling sorry for them. Every person in the United States has agreed to the terms of their employment so I guess nobody is underpaid.
  9. Kevinicus

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    I don't know where the whole "unfair" mantra comes from if it's not feeling sorry for someone.
  10. gp_cowpolk

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    Nah back then all the cheerleaders were highschool cheerleaders also and she had a twin sister
  11. iceberg

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    They are free to do whatever they want. Just voiced my own opinion.
  12. gjkoeppen

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    Again, I either go to games or watch them on TV to WATCH THE GAMES. I couldn't care less what cheerleaders are paid, They're not why I went to the game or watch it on TV. Yes they are nice to look at, but I don't tell myself it's just about cheerleader time, but I do tell myself that it's just about kickoff time or it's time I got to get started for the stadium. Cheerleaders NEVER enter my mind unless someone else brings them up and again I do like looking at them. BTW I've probably been to many more NFL games than you have.
  13. superonyx

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    You clearly missed the point.
    What you like or dont like have nothing to do with anything other people enjoy. The facts are that Cheerleaders provide entertainment to the crowd during commercials and other down time in the game.
    The NBA does this also. The place isnt only catering to your interest and preferences.

    If you could care less what they are paid then why are you posting in a thread about Cheerleader pay?
    This is weird.
  14. gjkoeppen

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    First off the comment of yours that I originally replied to #120, at no time did you mention the cheerleaders. You did babble on about how high paying jobs have been replaced with lower paid employees and the highest paying employers now opposed to 25 years ago. To which I then asked you what that has to do with anyone watching games or not. Your response was to then babble about the cheerleaders to which I said I don't care what they are paid. Lastly I posted here to see how many actually care what they are paid and why and how that stops them from watch the games. To answer one of your statements about how they entertain during time outs or "down time" while at the games and my answer is I survive just fine while at home watching the game and at the stadium I survived just fine not noticing them if they weren't there. To tell you the truth while at games during time outs I'm talking to whoever is there with me and don't notice them and like many during halftime I'm taking a restroom break and don't see them then either.
  15. 3rd_n_inches

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    I expect fans to critique their spirit fingers from now on
  16. robertfchew

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    World class athletes? Sure dancing is hard i couldnt do it because im not flexible or coordinated or hot. if they were world class athletes they would be gymnasts in the olympics.
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  17. Cmac

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    Should have gone to Cabo and waited for more money.

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