Cowboys Game *** Cowboys vs Eagles 2nd Half game thread ***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 1, 2020.

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  1. Keithfansince5

    Keithfansince5 Well-Known Member

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    Heck of a pick Diggs. Now the offense needs to show up.
  2. Bob-Lillys-War

    Bob-Lillys-War Well-Known Member

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    4 TOs .

    meanwhile ,
    Kellen Moore is worthless .
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  3. Ozone22

    Ozone22 Well-Known Member

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    Diggs looks like his confidence is back
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  4. OriginalNameGuy

    OriginalNameGuy Well-Known Member

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    The defense came to play!!
  5. MikeB80

    MikeB80 Well-Known Member

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    why are cowboys fans so dumb? honestly? Are you really this dumb or is it just the hard on you have for Dak that forces you to say stupid **** like this.
  6. Jipper

    Jipper Well-Known Member

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    hahaha what do you mean “becoming”????
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  7. Fontaine

    Fontaine Well-Known Member

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    I wish there was a love option
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  8. totheleft

    totheleft Well-Known Member

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    Hmm 30 million a year .... pity
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  9. NeonNinja

    NeonNinja Dash28

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    Diggs will be a good one.
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  10. The Natural

    The Natural Well-Known Member

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    Told you jokers at the beginning of the year Diggs would surpass Byron’s career interception total
  11. viman96

    viman96 Thread Killer

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  12. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt BP is not impressed with your post Admin

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    Diggs like timex... Might take a licking but he keeps on ticking
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  13. JMPearson

    JMPearson Well-Known Member

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    yes if we had Dak we be up a bunch they are bad
  14. Denim Chicken

    Denim Chicken Zone Supporter

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  15. AmariChill

    AmariChill Well-Known Member

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    I think they're trying to stop our tank...
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  16. SackMaster

    SackMaster Well-Known Member

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    Diggs has been there several times this season, but dropped about 5 ints this year. Tonight, he is holding on.

    That is what I call progress. :grin:
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  17. guag

    guag Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01

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    Diggs just doubled our entire team's INT output from the first 7 games.
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  18. snadler

    snadler Well-Known Member

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    What’s Wentz excuse?
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  19. TheJynxedOne

    TheJynxedOne Well-Known Member

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    Come on Nooch!
  20. Trajan

    Trajan Well-Known Member

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    Wentz is our MVP !
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  21. Taggy12

    Taggy12 Well-Known Member

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    thats what happen when qb keep picked on a rookie cb. its going give him more confidence
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