Cowboys Game *** Cowboys vs Falcons 1st Half game thread ***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Sep 20, 2020.

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  1. Teague31

    Teague31 Defender of the Star

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    Lmao. Lawrence just allowed the RT to simply push him upfield and nowhere near Ryan
  2. 2288doubletrouble

    2288doubletrouble Well-Known Member

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    MM is actually worse than Garrett. Let that sink in.
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  3. guag

    guag Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01

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    This game is definitely entertaining, but not for the reason I'd like.
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  4. Maverick84

    Maverick84 Well-Known Member

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    I honestly couldn't remember what a 3rd down stop looked like

    the last time we had one was 2019
  5. Ozone22

    Ozone22 Well-Known Member

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    It gets better, they have to play Seattle next week.
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  6. nalam

    nalam The realist

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    It was not pass interference from ridley ?
  7. Old'Boyfan

    Old'Boyfan Well-Known Member

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    Gonna be down by 21 before the quarter is over.
  8. Cydios

    Cydios Well-Known Member

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    Panicking, not anymore.. expecting stupidity is where I'm at. Panicking when I see something right.
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  9. Keithfansince5

    Keithfansince5 Well-Known Member

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    We're is our pass rush????
  10. fansince68

    fansince68 Well-Known Member

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    Punter can't kick nor throw.
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  11. Cmac

    Cmac Well-Known Member

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    This is beyond embarrassment for a NFL team.
  12. blueblood70

    blueblood70 Well-Known Member

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    awuzies best cover ive seen..head around..

    great stop D!
  13. MikeB80

    MikeB80 Well-Known Member

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    Just gave atlanta 3 points there for no reason other than terrible coaching.

    this is two terrible TERRIBLE decisions in 1.25 games by the head coach who spent the whole offseason studying the league.
  14. efh313

    efh313 Well-Known Member

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    Big Mac on the sideline like:
  15. JoeyBoy718

    JoeyBoy718 Well-Known Member

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    Go for it.
  16. Whyjerry

    Whyjerry Well-Known Member

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    I know they both suck. It’s just this defense can’t stop anything. Such pressure on the offense. If they don’t score 35 today they have no hope.
  17. zekecowboy

    zekecowboy Well-Known Member

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    You think there was a reason Dallas did not sign him long term.
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  18. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

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    Joe Thomas is the best defender on this team. Let that sink in.
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  19. Tommy

    Tommy Well-Known Member

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    Finally, we have a coach who has guts and doesn’t play to lose.

    Isn’t this what Zoners wanted?
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  20. AmariChill

    AmariChill Well-Known Member

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    This is going to be the 2015 season all over again. Oh well. Pack it up folks!! This year is gonna be looked at as a pass em year anyways due to the circumstances.
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