Cowboys Game *** Cowboys vs Falcons 2nd Half game thread ***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Sep 20, 2020.

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  1. TheJynxedOne

    TheJynxedOne Well-Known Member

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    Zeurline? Please no!
  2. Avery

    Avery The Dog that Saved Charleston

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    I would prefer this be a shorter kick. This isn’t a gimme.
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  3. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

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  4. Whyjerry

    Whyjerry Well-Known Member

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    Dak haters - does he still suck?
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  5. jaythecowboy

    jaythecowboy Well-Known Member

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    It's not over!!!!!!!!
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  6. IceStarD54

    IceStarD54 Well-Known Member

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    I know you guys wont believe me but I told my son first one to 40 will win it. I said it at half time!!!!
  7. Sydla

    Sydla Well-Known Member

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    You gotta get closer than this. Don't settle for a 48 yard FG you dope.
  8. mrmojo

    mrmojo Well-Known Member

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    Ok get in his range, whatever that is
  9. jblaze2004

    jblaze2004 Well-Known Member

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    I want a TD. IDK about this kicker
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  10. TX_Yid

    TX_Yid Well-Known Member

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    Don’t do it to yourself. We are missing the FG
  11. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

    Oz-of-Cowboy-Country Well-Known Member

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    Pulling out impossible victories always make me happy for an entire week.
  12. RJ_MacReady

    RJ_MacReady mcompact

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    Why did the clock stop?
  13. TexasFrog

    TexasFrog Well-Known Member

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    This is awesome
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  14. JohnnyHopkins

    JohnnyHopkins This is a house of learned doctors

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  15. John813

    John813 Well-Known Member

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    No pressure Greg
  16. LifetimeBoysFan

    LifetimeBoysFan Well-Known Member

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  17. MarcusRock

    MarcusRock Well-Known Member

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    Wow. Deserve's got nothing to do with it, but if we win this game .... Holy Toledo.
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  18. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member

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    That was funny, watching the Flacons just staring at that ball.
    Now let’s finish this!
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  19. starfan1

    starfan1 Well-Known Member

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    I take that back
  20. HappyOnions

    HappyOnions Datwin

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    I'll eat some crow if they win...
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