Cowboys Game *** Cowboys vs Jets 2nd Half game thread ***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Oct 13, 2019.

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  1. Dwight

    Dwight Well-Known Member

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    Jerry deserves this.
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  2. droopdog7

    droopdog7 Well-Known Member

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    The offense scored a td but the refs took it away. And now it’s Garret offense?
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  3. Nav22

    Nav22 Well-Known Member

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    6 drops and a TD wiped off the board.

    Dak’s getting royally screwed.
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  4. cowboys#1

    cowboys#1 Finish!

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    This season is over. Losing to the 0-4 Jets. to hell with This team and Garrett and Jerry
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  5. ShortRound131

    ShortRound131 Well-Known Member

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    These refs
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  6. BigD5

    BigD5 Well-Known Member

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    They won’t overturn PI

    It’s just a lip service rule to appease Saints fans
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  7. IceStarD54

    IceStarD54 Well-Known Member

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    GM is the landfill. The rest is what fills it.
  8. blueblood70

    blueblood70 Well-Known Member

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    time to take out dak , run wild cat with pollard and zeke? LOL
  9. CB61

    CB61 Zone Supporter

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    Well I wonder if the defense has anything left in the tank not that they had much to start with
  10. efh313

    efh313 Well-Known Member

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    Because JG is an inferior HC!!!
  11. Zman5

    Zman5 Well-Known Member

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    I saw somewhere last week 7 were overturned.
  12. Ken

    Ken Well-Known Member

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    what happened to all of the shifting and motioning? Did it work too good?
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  13. boysfanperiod

    boysfanperiod Well-Known Member

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  14. InTheZone

    InTheZone Well-Known Member

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    count the amount of times passes go high and behind. Barely have any YAC since the WR has to compete with the DB for the ball
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  15. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

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    49ers are dominating the Rams.

    Might be the best team in the NFC.
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  16. seamus18

    seamus18 Well-Known Member

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    When Garrett complains, they throw flag at him. Go figure.
  17. Bob-Lillys-War

    Bob-Lillys-War Well-Known Member

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    Garrett will motivate them , they win .

    Easy .
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  18. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    Can the defense step us please.
  19. ScipioCowboy

    ScipioCowboy More than meets the eye.

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    One interception on the season. Can we make it two?
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  20. shabazz

    shabazz Well-Known Member

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    Let’s see if the offense can get a touchdown.....
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