Cowboys Game *** Cowboys vs Rams post game thread***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Lodeus

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    We got outplayed. That's it.

    This team is young and I think we only get better from here. Like I said in the game thread. Get Earl Thomas and a new OC and that already makes a huge difference.
  2. Northern_Cowboy

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    He played well enough to keep us in the game with the help of some big penalties. he didn't play well enough to win it. And lets face it our offense is not the type of offence geared to score 30+ points a game ( yes we do it sometimes when our D gets turnovers) but on their own this is a 20 point a game offense, so if our D has a bad game we are screwed. You had to know the Rams were going to score at least 10 in the 2nd half, did anyone here really believe we could score 24 points on offense in the 2nd half without some turnovers to win the game? C'mon our offense isn't built for that. The Rams are a much better team than we are
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  3. ShortRound131

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  4. CowboysWillRise

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    Get it out buddy. Its poison.
  5. triplets_93

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    Rams tonight were better in all respects. This was the Rams I didn't want to face.
    If the Rams play at this level, I think they will win it all.
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  6. Oh_Canada

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    Yeah empty. Game wasn’t nearly over.

    Here are Romo’s stats in case you forgot:

    22-35 62.86 198yds 0td 1int 66.1 3 fumbles

    21-26 15 19 78.95 191yds 2td 0int 2 fumbles

    Sucked and pedestrian.
  7. jsb357

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    well we did get a preview in the Colts game.
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  8. snadler

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    Rams will need to convert better in the red zone to beat the Saints next week, the final score wasn’t really indicative of the domination by the rams tonight..this was really a blow out, the defense just didn’t show up, especially against the run.not sure if it was scheme, lack of preparation, Sean Lee, the extra week, reading their press clippings, hard to figure out..
  9. AmariChill

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    If you want me to be honest, offense didn’t play that bad today. Gallup, Dak and Cooper played great. Zeke, I don’t know if he wasn’t feeling good today or if Rams defense became good overnight, but that was a terrible game for him. O-Line was also bad. Dak was running for his life a lot of times. If you want me to be honest for once, Offense was the thing actually holding this team up.

    Defense lost this for us. They continuously let Anderson run up on them and kept leaving Woods open. You would’ve thought they would have made adjustments after seeing them do the exact same thing every play. Gregory and Lawerence disappeared tonight. LVE and Jaylon didn’t do anything playoff worthy tonight, or even regular season worthy. Sure the refs kind of missed a few calls, but this game is on Dallas. Pitiful playing today. Especially defensively wise.
  10. fansince68

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    Zeke wasn't effective because the Rams game planned for our run. We continued to run in spite of NOT being effective. We should have went into our no huddle offense middle of the 3rd qtr.
  11. Sonicxtacy02

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    I might be the only one but i'd prefer the Eagles win again than see Scandrick win one as a benchwarmer on the Chiefs lol
  12. khiladi

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    Don’t forget when Dak was padding his stats with everything underneath, his management of the clock was horrible..
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  13. Northern_Cowboy

    Northern_Cowboy Well-Known Member

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    Agreed we couldn't stop them but at the same time we don't have an offense that can keep up with theirs if they have too and do it without turnovers, so ya it was on the offense too
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  14. Szczepanik

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    McVay is pretty excellent at hiding all of Goff's limitations as a QB. I thought Dak had inaccuracy issues, however Goff is just as inaccurate. McVay just schemes the bloody hell out of the offense.

    McVay actually schemes his offense to win games, while Linehan thinks its wise to run at Aaron Donald on 4th and 1.
  15. just_catch_it

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    And JJ is expected to give Carrot a new 10 year deal and resign Liney in the coming days
  16. DandyDon52

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    I know what a drag !!!!!!!!!!!!
    The reason for no sacks is the rams have it set up so goff can throw in 3 seconds or less, dallas cant do that but the rams can.
    If a qb throws that quick your not going to get to him.
    So true, that last 4th and 1 was just a plain jane stupid run, no qb sneak no read option , no fake the run and pass,
    it was horrible play call and execution, there was a gap to the left but E just ran into the pile lol

    The penalty on jones was I thought lame for a playoff game where they usually dont call something that minor.
    but it was stupid by jones who is supposed to be a smart guy. that was a killer and led to rams td.
  17. atlantacowboy

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    The offense was bad. 1 for 10 on 3rd down. ...... couldn't run the ball. They beat us up on both sides of the ball.
  18. zenmastersauce

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    but thats not how we are built. Everything pops from the run game and our play action is really where it rides. Dak for all intents didnt lose this game he played a decent game but our TOP was poor meaning running was not effective.
  19. Praxit

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    .....guys.. I feel like a serious fraud. I'm dumbfounded more than anything.
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  20. Risen Star

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    Same old, same old.

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