Cowboys will get run off field again if no major upgrades at DL

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wood, Mar 14, 2019.

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    The cowboys dominated the time of posession during their five game winning streak and through out most of the season . are you going to say that factor didn't help the defense . 2015 might have been a more accurate reflection of rod's defense, When the cowboys finished twenty second against the run with Nick hayden as their starting one tech. Also this is the first time the cowboys defense has even ranked in the top ten in yards per carry under marinelli . many regard yards per carry as a more accurate measure of a teams run defense. The cowboys have usually ranked around sixteenth in yards per carry during rods time here. Maybe statiscal rankings are a overrated way of ranking a defense . the cowboys ranked eighth in run defense last year but gave up over a hundred yards rushing eight times including allowing over two hundred yards to the eagles in their first meeting .I wonder how many times the cowboys have allowed over two yards rushing since rod has been here.How many of the other top run defenses have spent early round draft picks at dt? I know the Saints drafted Sheldon Rankins in the first round , the bears drafted eddie goldman in the second round . the Ravens and texans. Have a few guys who were ideas but they have also spent early round draft picks on their d-line. Did Any of those the other top run defenses allow almost three hundred yards rushing in a game this season?the cowboys also had games where they gave up over four yards a carry which include the Texans , falcons and eagles game. I was responding to the assertion that the rams game was some sort of anomaly, which is factually wrong. Some people believe the asinine view that the cowboys are fine at defense tackle. Is that what your suggesting?
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    Exactly right. Over and over we saw them move toward the motion and the ball was run right through the area they had been in. It was a learning experience and I expect they will do a better job in the future
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    There are a variety of factors that go into how every team’s defense plays and ends up ranked. That’s not just true of the Cowboys.
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    Covington is definitely an upgrade. Some of you just want Suh because of the name ( sexy signing) the guy was a bum most of the year. Covington wanted to come to a 4-3 defense. He will make an impact this year. Woods going to continue to get better also, great rotation between woods, Covington and Collins
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    Covington seems like a better fit in a 4-3 defense than Houston's 3-4.

    The Cowboys had success with Terrell McClain who had played in Houston previously.

    DT Woods was not wanted by his previous team because they converted to a 3-4.
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    Though last year, reports said it was between LVE, Vita Vea, and DJ Moore. It makes me wonder if they are interested in someone like Dexter Lawrence if he fell to our 2nd round pick. I wouldn't be surprised to see them pick Wren, Saunders, Willis, Mack, etc.
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    That is checkers. Even on HS levels you make half time adjustments
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    Most fans think anything is possible with "halftime adjustments" but it's not true.

    Teams practice based on a gameplan. Radical changes to the gameplan during the game have proven over time to cause more problems that it solves. This is even more of an issue with a very young roster.
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    There is nothing wrong with the personnel.... The Cowboys set their defense as soon as the Rams came to the line, with 15-20 seconds on the play clock. McVay saw the set and then called in the play to defeat the alignment he saw. Additionally the Rams had picked up "tells" on DL stances that indicated what they were going to do. If you can call the play and blocking scheme when you know the alignment and direction of movement you can produce two 100 yard rushers. THIS WAS BAD COACHING NOTHING WRONG WITH THE PLAYERS.... Sean Peyton and Bill Belichick didn't set their defenses until the offense set (versus coming to the line), McVay couldn't audible in and the Rams offense was inept both games. The difference in the Lombardi Trophy was coaching not the talent level.
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    Good coaches make half time adjustments....great coaches make in game adjustments on the fly like the Patriots did in the Superbowl. Was the reason they won the game.
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    The main problem I've had for years is their failure to make adjustments at halftime.
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    I totally agree with your breakdown here as has been published but it also makes me scratch my head against the Colts.
    Gurley is one thing and a definite stud. CJ Anderson, to me, I thought had seen his best days in Denver...
    But Marlon Mack of the Colts and how they ran straight at them a few weeks prior to the Rams game was a pretty poor showing all the way around by the run defense. I know the Colts didn't drop 273 on the Boys like the Rams but I thought they were very similar in effectiveness and this game was before all the "tells" news became public. Or maybe the Colts noticed it first and the Rams copy catted them.
    I dont know honestly.

    My point was the Colts ran at will I thought too.
  13. Pessimist_cowboy

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    OUR DL got dominated vs the Rams and they dominated the line of scrimmage. Their OL was free to pick apart our LBs on the 2nd level.
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    Well nothing is going to change with Kris
  15. ninja

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    Exactly. I guess some people just get their kicks by screaming that the sky is falling. One team did it so every team will do it. I have no idea how the Cowboys were 10-6 with a playoff victory with such an atrocious DL ... and QB ... and WRs ... and safeties ... Must have been a miracle.
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    Ok. Let me ask you think the cowboys should continue to invest and build depth at defensive tackle or not. I'm just curious as to why the same group of posters attempt to browbeat those of who believe the cowboys should upgrade at defensive tackle
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  17. OmerV

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    I’m not browbeating people who think we should upgrade at DT. I think we should too. But my interest isn’t only in plugging the run, it’s also in collapsing the pocket to help the pass rush.

    I just think we should be fair in what we say about the situation, and while your comment about the team giving up some 100 yard games sounds like a fair complaint on the surface, if you look at the facts they actually gave up a lot fewer 100 yard games than the majority of teams. In the end, despite a few notably bad games against the run (Ram and Colt games), overall they played the run fairly well.
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    two bad games last year and now its red flag.. sorry but you are being ridiculously over dramatic..sure we need some help given Gregory and DI out again but its not as drastic as you are making it,, we had a very similar DL last year as we will this season.. we got run off the field a few games because it was unexpected and more on coaching and scheme then players..not saying we dont need some help but RUN IOFF THE Field come on..!!
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    I agree that the cowboys run defense was good. , not great. My comments weren't directed at you but more so the posters who claimed the cowboys had one bad game but we're otherwise perfect against the run and are fine at defensive tackle.woods played well overall but he also had more than one or two bad just glad the cowboys front office acknowledged that they could upgrade at defensive tackle and signed covington
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    I think having Covington and Woods should help the run defense significantly. TBH Collins should only be used on passing downs. I do think we'd be wise to get a DT in here that can collapse the pocket and affect the QB. Neither Collins or Crawford (our pass rushing DTs) are anything better than decent. Upgrade is definitely needed.
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