Video: Cowherd comments on Smith signing

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Whyjerry, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Cowboysfan1975

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    Being unfair to Kraft how? Was it the prostitutes that were sex traffic victims or the multiple cheating scandals?
  2. X550i

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    Cowherd is a turd and ratings grabber when you don't agree with his opinion.
    When he says something that coincides with your narrative; he's smart, intuitive, and a cutting edge thinker.:)
  3. Colombiacowboy

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    You are spot on. And really, Jerry could end Zeke's career. What will he be worth sitting out three years, assuming the Cowboys Franchise Tag him.
  4. rocyaice

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    Well there's levels to it but yeah you are right it is literally every person in broadcasting which is why I probably don't like any of them lol. But his trolling is on a different level. HE will make statement and in the next sentence contradict it. I don't watch him but I watch the videos you guys post on here.........its ridiculous. One minute Dak sucks the next minute he wants to pay him as the best quarterback in the league. One minute Zeke is the best back in the video he's not that good. I understand trolling on this level is common but I can't tolerate it on that level. That's just trying to rile people up at that point.
  5. erod

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    Because Zeke is being unreasonable, and he's a constant worry for the organization.

    No way Zeke can stay off the suspension list for four years, and Jerry wants assurances.

    Plus, Zeke has no leverage. It's too early.

    Zeke's agent apparently won't even return a phone call or make a counter offer.
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  6. Swanny

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    I love the "What have they won with him". EXACTLY.
  7. Hawkeye0202

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  8. ColoCowboy

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    I have no doubt JJ had his own (team's) best interest in mind. Aside from the financial outlays and his personal time spent defending Zeke, he also put his reputation at risk.

    Say what you will about JJ's media gaffs, his rambling sometimes incoherent monologues, and his GM skills, he did put his name and, ultimately, the Cowboy's "brand" on the line.
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  9. conner01

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    That is true
    And honestly I don’t think jerry cares about the money
    But he has to care about the cap
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  10. plymkr

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    I completely agree with Cowherd on this. The point that stood out to me is what have we won with Zeke that we didn't win with Marion Barber, Felix Jones, Juliius Jones, Hambrick, Murray, Randle, etc. Nothing. We have not advanced past the division round in the playoffs in 30 some years. Zeke did not take us to the promised land and then hold out. He took us to the divisional round and then played bad.

    Emmitt Smith won the super bowl and then he held out. No Emmitt, no repeat. No Zeke, same mediocrity that we have with Zeke. Zeke needs to grow up and stop biting the hand that feeds him. And a sense of humor would benefit him also.
  11. Point-of-the-Star

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    I don't have to like him to listen to him and even occasionally even agree with him.
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  12. rocyaice

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  13. Bigdog

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    So true
  14. TrailBlazer

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    Cowherd is often wrong. But he's really good at his job. He has strong opinions and he isnt afraid to share them. He nailed it on the head on this one.
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  15. Jeffkills

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    Cow turd is pretty good...

    Lovin' me some Jaylon extension!
  16. Corso

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    I enjoy the peeps that get swayed by op/eds that do their thing for money.
    Totally awesome and erudite!
  17. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Is there another Jerry out there?
  18. GoJacks

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    What's your point?
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  19. Established1971

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    cant say I agree, its smoke and mirrors, he seems cerebral because he over explains, lots of needless analogies, but the substance of his words are pedestrian if not stupid at times
  20. plymkr

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    Good point
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