Cut / trade AB immediately

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by MichiganCowboyFan, Sep 11, 2021.

  1. Beaker42

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    It’s not a one off. He blows.
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    Antonio Brown did have a great game, and no way slighted. I guess Adrian Clayborn just had a great game against Chaz Green on a Sunday afternoon. There's a point here......a little help can go a longer way.
  3. Heath

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    There is a difference in having played one game and calling one game a "one off" (which implies a deviation from the norm). I had posted elsewhere that Brown was hurting us on that side.

    But cutting or trading him is an overreaction, in my opinion.
  4. bigE79

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  5. charron

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    Y'all gotta stop way over reacting. AB is one of the best receivers, our ab is not a top cb. Quinn leaving brown to cover ab all alone is the real issue. What do you think would happen, ab gonna burn good corners all day and Brady saw the 1 on 1 coverage and took full advantage. They shaded the safety to diggs side so Brady rarely threw that way because gronk or ab we're 1 on 1. It's the same thing we ask Dak to do. See who is 1 on 1 toss em the rock. You can't double everyone.
  6. kskboys

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    A huge part of Brown's issue was the lack of upfront disruption. How do you guys not see how this ties in?
  7. kskboys

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    Yup. AB being required to cover AB is on the coaching staff and GM, not on AB.
  8. jay94

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    I don't get the hate here, if Antonio Brown wasn't such an idiot he would still be regarded as the best wr in the football. Now off the field issues and some time off and you expect your third corner to cover him.... TB had the advantage in the passing game nothing we can do here, no matter who Brown matched up vs he would of been a liability, lucky for us that is the best trio in the league and we won't have to worry about that again until the playoffs.
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