News: CW: CBS Sports ranks Micah Parsons NFL's No. 1 linebacker for 2022

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Jun 29, 2022.

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    I agree. He’s the best LB. Maybe only Donald is better on defense.
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    Good read.......Just me, but he's the leading DPOY going into the season. Yes, teams have a whole offseason to plan for him but as they say, it's hard to hit a moving duck. (lol)

    That ability to play both linebacker and edge rusher- and do both at an exceptionally high level- was the biggest revelation of the Cowboys’ 2021 season

    And before the team had even packed up their lockers following their wild-card playoff loss to the 49ers, Dallas coaches knew they’d want to try to do more of the same with Parsons in 2022.

    “The biggest thing he is going to have to get accustomed to is the changes people make for him,” Mike McCarthy said back in January. “He is a targeting challenge for an offense. That ability to move him around. Any player in this league will attest to this. Once you have success, people will study the film and have a plan for you.”
  5. Aven8

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    He’s the best player on our team.
  6. jazzcat22

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    For once a list that actually got it right.
    Not that I care about lists. But this one is a no brainer.
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  7. DCowboyz

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    We're lucky to have him. I just hope he wins a ring here and doesn't win one elsewhere; like Ware.
  8. Vinnie2u

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    Its not even close..
  9. CWR

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    Hes one of the best players in the league.
  10. TwentyOne

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    Now lets start the stop clock to see how long it will take for our Hot-Boi to reply on twitter that he will take that crown back.
  11. TwentyOne

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    I understand the overwhelming emotions. But give this guy at least one more year before you hand out such accolades. Lets first let the OCs gameplan for him (if they even see him as a serious threat). If he still has a year like last year then we can talk about where he belongs in this league.

    Just remember what happend when DCs actually started to game plan for Dak after his first year. Fizzle foo shizzle.
  12. john van brocklin

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    Finally agree with CBS on something !
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  14. CWR

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    What I'm saying is how he played last season and how he is projected to play this season makes him one of the best players in the league. His impact is massive.

    I understand it may not come to fruition, but that is currently where he is.

    They won't be able to game plan for a guy who lines up everywhere, either.
  15. DeaconMoss

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    This ^

    Micah is perfect for the media. Dallas=clicks. Rookie with a great season=more clicks. The anointing oil is warming up but lets wait one more season before application.
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  16. CouchCoach

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    Ranking a player before the season begins, unless that player is named Aaron Donald and has done it for years, is silly but they all need stuff to cover a part time sport full time.
  17. Runwildboys

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    "Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth."
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  18. atlantacowboy

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    Preseason accolades are just glorious.
  19. shabazz

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    .....and water is wet.
  20. Strol

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    Watt on Pitt. But hes on so many steriods he'll always be injured.

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