Dak’s improved deep ball is way more important than any play call change

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Jun 13, 2019 at 6:26 AM.

  1. Parcells4Life

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    Kellen Moore gets all the hype but the real MVP of the offseason to me is what Kitna is doing with Daks deep ball.

    Even in last years “boring offense” there were easily 7 or 8 gimme TDs there that were just missed like Beasley vs the Falcons, Olawale vs Colts and how many bombs to Gallup.

    Just connect on the bombs and everything changes. Whole every offense could use some updates, Daks deep ball changes everything.

    Remember the great saints averaged 19 ppg the rest of the year starting vs Dallas and the Rams were nothing like their old selves once Krupp went down.

    Moore having shifts will do more for the running game IMO because it moves the LBs when Zeke can cut it back.
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  2. Rockport

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    False. Aikmans weakness was the deep ball and look what he did. Also, some of those missed plays last year were due to bad route running especially by Gallup. Disguising the offense so the defense has to hesitate is much much more important.
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    False. Redzone offense was the prob with Dak (and playcalling).
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  4. Rockport

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    Red zone offense was the problem with the offensive coordinator.
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    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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  6. rocyaice

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    I don’t care about the deep ball. This offense will suck if that’s all that gets fixed.
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  7. InTheZone

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    Anything related to Dak improving his accuracy is better than any system he plays in since it allows the offense to be able to do more.

    To answer the question, True.

    Already seeing the blame go to everyone else though....
  8. noshame

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    Scott Linehan was the problem, everything else was a symptom.
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  9. EGTuna

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    Dak's deep ball accuracy is slightly (very slightly) above league average. His deep ball accuracy isn't the issue.

    As the poster Rockport above said, it was the Red Zone and the entire offense's inability to score TDs instead of FGs, and the blame for that goes to everyone from Dak to the OL to the scheme to the WRs. Not so much Zeke. They need to run Dak in the red zone more often. Especially in Goal-to-Goal situations where Dak's rushing ypc are almost triple Zeke's in such situations.
  10. Pompey-Cowboy

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    False. Improving the entire system is more important than fine tuning one aspect of it
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  11. percyhoward

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    If we take twice as many deep shots and hit them at the same percentage (which was about league average), it will help the offense to a degree. But remember (or realize), this offense with Cooper had no problem getting into scoring position in 2018. The problem was scoring once we were there.

    After trade for Cooper (Cowboys' NFL rank)
    TOP per drive -- 1st
    plays per drive -- 1st
    yards per drive -- 7th
    % of drives that reached red zone -- 7th
    red zone TD% -- 29th

    Teams don't make a living by scoring TD with the deep ball. 75% of all TD are scored from the red zone. So it's not really a true/false question, it's a multiple choice that has to include red zone offense.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    Replacing Linehan will upgrade the offense each possession no matter if a deep ball is thrown or not.
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  13. Scotman

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    Finishing drives in the end zone instead of between the uprights is the number one thing to fix. Period.
  14. cowboy_ron

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    False............when DC's know exactly what plays you're running everytime it kind of handcuffs your QB.
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  15. BrassCowboy

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    Yeah his deep passes improvement is importan, but if it comes down to either or then I will take much improved playcalling. You should read what the os is asking instead of making it out to be a Dak thing
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  16. Whyjerry

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    The improved accuracy won't matter if he is running for his life every passing play. The OL MUST do a better job in pass protection.
  17. TonyS

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    Glad to see the board is as bipolar as usual this am! It's Dak's accuracy. No, it's the play calling. No, it's Jerry's meddling. No, it's Garrett's coaching. No, it's a combination of all of these things...

    Love you guys and gals! You keep it interesting.
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  18. John813

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    Nah. Improved play calling will help more.

    Mainly, as stated before, the RZ offense needs a lot of love. The offense had no issue between the 20's, usually.
    It was the red zone where the team would either get away from the run game or just struggle to get guys open on passing plays. Shorter field allow the back seven of the defense to stop our offense.
  19. InTheZone

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    OP created a thread for debate for all opinions. I picked one of the two answers. Don't make this more than what it is. My opinion of his passing ability outweighs my opinion of what an oc can do with a passer.

    It's like this. A faster car doesn't make you a better driver. Some feel we just need to improve everything about the car, ignoring the driver. If the car brakes too soon into a turn or accelerates too late out of a turn or runs off track people believe we need to improve the already spec'd out vehicle. The car is already great, but apparently its not enough.

    So what I'm saying is that our system/offense, which is whatever nice car you can think of, will benefit from an improved driver. Get to that point first, then you can replace the car all you want if you don't like it.
  20. Sandyf

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    Definitely False. When defenses know what you are going to do then it becomes much harder to achieve success especially in the red zone where the field is greatly shorten. The idea of running multiple different plays out of the same formation should be a huge plus this year.

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