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Dak a Tier-2 QB per NFL Coaches and Execs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JoaquinFenix, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. JoaquinFenix

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    On the heels of NFL players ranking Dak as the 46th best player in the league, The Athletic recently published a ranking of NFL quarterbacks based on interviews with NFL coaches and executives.


    According to the men whose job it is to coach and evaluate NFL players, Dak is the 12th-best QB in the league and in the second tier of quarterbacks. This ranking appears to be fairly consistent with the players' ranking of Dak.

    If the NFL players, coaches, and executives rank Dak somewhere in the second-tier (e.g., no. 12 quarterback in the league), why do Dak and his agent, Todd France, continue to demand elite, top-of-the-market money?


    Contracts are all about leverage. Unlike most other quarterbacks, Dak was willing to play out his full rookie deal before accepting a fair Cowboys' offer. This gave him leverage over the team, and he and France tried to maximize that leverage during contract negotiations.

    Fortunately, the Cowboys didn't flinch. However, that's not to say the Cowboys handled this perfectly.

    Here are four things the Cowboys could've done differently:

    1. Don't set a bad precedent by signing Dak's bro, Zeke, to a record contract with two years left on his rookie deal. This signaled to Dak and France that Stephen Jones' tough talk about not setting the market was a bluff. I think Dak and France tried - and failed - to call this bluff right up until the July 15 deadline. If the Cowboys had played hard ball with Zeke, then Dak and France's approach might've been different.

    2. Sign Dak after year 3 as soon as he became eligible for a new contract. This one is a little bit murky, as we don't know for sure how much the Cowboys offered last offseason. If the offer was fair (i.e., Carson Wentz money), then shame on Dak. If not, shame on the Cowboys. It takes two to tango. What we do know is that Dak pressed his leverage after finishing year 4, and the Cowboys should've tried to avoid that outcome, within reason.

    3. Apply the non-exclusive franchise tag. The Cowboys could've saved several millions dollars in cap space by applying the non-exclusive franchise tag to Dak instead of the exclusive franchise tag. Additionally, allowing Dak and France to negotiate with other teams would've showed them Dak's true market value instead of his leverage-maximizing value that applies only to the Cowboys. Even if Dak had signed a market-setting tender with another team (a longshot proposition), then the Cowboys could've entered the season with Andy Dalton under center and four first-round picks over the next two drafts. Not a bad deal.

    4. Rescind the exclusive franchise tag after free agency/the draft. We know that the Cowboys screwed up by applying the exclusive franchise tag, but they then compounded that mistake by not rescinding it at the right time. What's the right time, you ask? It's after most teams have blown their cap space in free agency and filled their quarterback roster spots through the draft. I've analyzed this before, and if the Cowboys had timed this right, the only team who had both the cap space and the need for a quarterback post-free agency/draft was the Jacksonville Jaguars. Do you really think Dak would've left America's team and signed a deal with the lowly Jaguars for a couple extra million dollars? Being the face of the Cowboys is worth more than enough in endorsement money alone to recoup any lost contract dollars to a team like the Jaguars. This was the Cowboys best opportunity to claw back some of the leverage they'd given to Dak.

    So, there you have it. Dak and France's approach to Dak's contract was about leverage, not about Dak's ability relative to his peers. The Cowboys gave Dak that leverage by repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot along the way. Here's hoping they don't continue to do so.
  2. JoaquinFenix

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  3. kskboys

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    Dak was offered Wentz/Goff money last off. 33 mil/season. All you have to do is google this.

    Agree w/ using non-exclusive tag on Dak.
  4. Corso

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    Stevie is one of the worst public negotiators I have ever been witness to.

    On Zeke: "Gurley's price is the floor"
    Uh... he was the top paid RB at the time.
    Constantly praising Dak, puffing him up and saying the deal will get done and NO, we're not looking in any other direction.
    Got totally railroaded by DLaw...
    The guy is always going to shoot his own team in the foot with that process.
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  5. boxer-rumble

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    Agreed. They should’ve used the non exclusive on him.

    Also, the Zeke deal pretty much set the tone for how Dak and his agent would react. I like Zeke but I don’t like how he tried to sit out with 2 years left on his contract.
  6. MarcusRock

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    So simply reading an opinion piece settles this for you? Doesn't sound like agenda/confirmation bias at all.
  7. ItzKelz

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    4 year contract is waaaay to much......
  8. khiladi

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    Again, Dak had ONE YEAR where he threw over 4000 yards. Bortles close to 4500 yards in 2015. He did that with ALLEN HURNS starting and nowhere near the lineup Dak had

    We were still 1-7 when Dak passed over forty times and we were 17th in the league in red zone scoring and 22nd on the road. I remember reading a stat that 10 of our 15 scores in the red zone were in the first three games.

    He proved himself as mediocre, not just average, when Zeke was suspended for 6 games, Cooper wasn’t here and the offense was “Dak-friendly” and Smith rests because he tweaks something.

    What has Dak really proven? That it takes four years to take advantage of man coverage on the outside with one deep safety?
  9. Jenky

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    Seems about right. Tier 2 wanting top dollar.
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  10. McKDaddy

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    Well written & everything through item 2 is fair.

    Item 3 - That would be a risky proposition. If it works out that his market value isn't what he believed it to be, then yes you have succeeded. He can't blame you for his pay rate & he is humbled & motivated. If you had known Covid was going to happen, this would have been the year to test the strategy.

    Item 4 - I would disagree with. You don't pull a tag from a player unless you are done with the player. That would cross the line into dirty dealings. Why does everyone keep bringing up Jacksonville? They are still paying Foles so paying another QB at the rate you would to pay Dak in this scenario would be egregious. Minshew on a rookie deal is much more palatable to them at this time.
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  11. Reverend Conehead

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    The article won't display for some reason, but I agree with this quote:

    "According to the men whose job it is to coach and evaluate NFL players, Dak is the 12th-best QB in the league and in the second tier of quarterbacks."

    That's totally true, so Dak should be paid like a 2nd-tier QB who is 12th best in the league. He's good. He's not great.
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  12. Playmaker247

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    Why don't people understand that's now how it works. Goff was in tier 3 and Wentz in tier 2 and they were both paid like top 5 QB's. The cap rises and so does the price, idk why people get so bent up about it. Bosa just signed a deal for 27 million a year. All of a sudden Lawrence's contract doesn't look as bad. That's how this works.
  13. OmerV

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    Prior to Covid, I don't think what Dak was asking for was top of the market. Top of the market would have been what guys like Rodgers and Mahomes would get in the same market environment, but Rodgers already had a contract in place, so he wasn't negotiating at the same time and under the same market conditions, and when Mahomes got his deal it was the highest dollar contract in sports history.
  14. Flamma

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    I agree with numbers 2 and 4 completely, not so much with 1 and 3. For the same reason Dak should have signed after year 3 is the same reason Zeke did. He's eligible. It's also better for the team's cap situation.

    The non exclusive franchise tag is not openly testing the market. Teams might shy away due to having to give up 2 first rounders. Transition tag is openly testing the market.
  15. Reverend Conehead

    Reverend Conehead Well-Known Member

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    I wasn't describing how the system works. I was describing how it should work. A player should be paid based on his actual value to team, not overpayed from an inflated system.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2020
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    ABQCOWBOY Regular Joe....

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    I really only agree with number 3. I think the team should have applied the None Exclusive Tag as well.

    #1 - The team saved themselves a tone of money buy signing Zeke when they did IMO. I was not a fan of this, at the time but after having seen how the contract was structured, it's really a good deal for the team. Always take a good contract when you can get it. It helps down the line so the writer has their head up their own you know what on that one.

    #2 - The team tried to get a deal done a year early. They offered a deal that was more then fair and Dak's team declined. Again, pull your head out.

    #4 - You want to just cut ties with Dak going into year one of McCarthy's first season? If the answer is yes, then redesignate Dak and give CAA even more control over him. Only one team could have signed him but guess what, That one team has Gardner Minshew as there starter and he can be cut for next to nothing, or better yet, just keep Minshew as your backup and go get Dak. Did I mention that this person has their head up their you know what?

    This is click bait. This article is nothing but a bunch of stupidity, put down in writing IMO.
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  17. Aviano90

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    So many Cowboys fans have hated him for the entire 4 years and painted him to be a totally inept QB. Here is yet another opinion that shows he is nowhere near as bad as the CowboysZone critics try to paint him to be.

    Sadly, they will probably try to use a ranking of 12th as validation their over-the-top criticism was warranted.

    And spare me the money BS. He was hated at $4 million over $4 years.
  18. OmerV

    OmerV Well-Known Member

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    How do we know the team offered a deal a year ago that was more than fair? I don't recall knowing what they offered.
  19. CowboyFrog

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    Again if your saying the QB (offense) didn't look as good with 3 of the top 5 players on it out.......do you think you have found some new revelation? how bout put up a poll and ask "hey do we want to play with or without our top players" and see how that goes. Its the same stuff when you put up the Playoff record for him and act like alot of QB's win playoff games when their defense gives up 30 or more points.....yeah
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  20. khiladi

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    no, I said the QB looked completely mediocre when ONE of the three is out. His play doesn’t just drop, it significantly drops.

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