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Dak a Tier-2 QB per NFL Coaches and Execs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JoaquinFenix, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. jaythecowboy

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    I don't disagree on the facts (no need to split hairs on Dak's ranking). That being said the only alternative solution I agree with is #2.

    1. Hardball with Zeke. While I would have likely done it, I think the Cowboys saw 2019 as a potential Super Bowl year and wanted to be at full strength. Obviously the team didn't live up to that, but I have a feeling if Zeke was out that would have given Garrett another out to stay Cowboys coach and I'm glad that didn't happen lol.

    2. Get Dak signed after year 3. This is a no brainer and a huge fail on the part of the front office no matter what happens. Like I've said before, even if the Cowboys gave Dak the "pie-in-the-sky" $40 million for 4 years offer, the 5 year average is only $32 million when you include 2019. Cowboys could have structured the cap hit so Dak was around $32 million until after the 2023 season. Instead they let Dak play out the year, and now they have Dak on a franchise tag for $31 million.

    3. Non-exclusive tag. I don't think much would have changed positively for the Cowboys had they done this. Most people seem to think Dak would get low offers and sign one, when more likely he would just play on the tag and bid his time till he can get to free agency without a tag on him. No team is gonna give Dak the kinda money he wants and two 1sts on top of it. So it would save the team $4 million but allow Dak to plot out his eventual free agency by allowing him to talk to other teams. Given what happened so far I think that was a good move.

    4. Pulling the franchise tag, which others have suggested would be a horrible move imo. I think some teams would clear the cap space to give him the franchise money he wants. The Washington Football team specifically comes to mind as a team that would jump at the chance to get him. And then the Cowboys have given away a franchise qb for nothing. Especially with being true free agency, the team can structure the deal so that the cap hit isn't too crazy the first year. Or Dak could decide to play year-to-year until the new tv money hits and then cash in.
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  2. JoaquinFenix

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    Please note that the theme of the original post was what Dallas could’ve done differently, not what they did right.

    Besides, I mentioned Dalton in item no. 3. What good is leverage, however, if you don’t use it? Dalton is on a 1-year deal, as is Dak. The time to use Dalton as leverage was when you rescinded the tag and showed Dak you’d be willing to roll with Dalton. That never happened.

    While I agree that the pandemic gives the Cowboys leverage, the extent of that leverage remains to be seen. No extension means no signing bonus for Dak. He gets paid only per game check this year. If games are cancelled, Dak loses paychecks and perhaps trust in his agent along with it. Then comes the salary cap reduction due to lost revenue. That’ll be the next interesting storyline in this negotiation.
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  3. JoaquinFenix

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    lolol cool sorry bro
  4. StarBoyz83

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    Hes a top 12 qb
  5. Aviano90

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    I am pretty tired of people who can’t comprehend what they read. If someone truly just has an issue with Dak just because of his salary demands, they wouldn’t have been hating him for 4 years.

    Those fans who have ragged on him when he was making $465k per year, who like every negative thing said about him, who argue against every positive thing said about him can’t use the excuse of him getting paid. It’s not the reason they don’t want him.

    If you can’t tell the difference between someone who has hated on him for 4 years and someone who just got soured by the contract negotiation perhaps you need to pay better attention to the board.

    As for hater- not sure why people get upset at this word. That is the term people use when describing someone or something they strongly dislike. If you guys wants to come up with a different term in the language to use, that is fine. But hater is what it is called and if you want to know who they are you can identify them by the ones who always undermine the positives and highlight the negative. They are out there and are very easily identifiable. They are like flies on turd.


    1. a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing.
      "a man hater"
      • INFORMAL
        a negative or critical person.
        "she found it difficult to cope with the haters"
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  6. Flamma

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    If you fully intend to give your player an extension, the best time to do it is after their 3rd season regardless of a 5th year option. A 5th year only gives you the option to wait another year. That doesn't mean it's more beneficial to wait.

    On to your second point. Dak would just think it's because of the tag that he isn't getting those offers. Did the non exclusive tag bring down Dlaw's price?

    How should they have handled Zeke? In your opinion.
  7. OmerV

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    How do you know Dak turned his nose up at Wentz money a year ago? I don’t even remember that being reported, much less confirmed. As for Dak wanting short deals, 4 years is 4 years whether it’s Dak or Wentz. Yes, it’s different for the team in terms of spreading the cap hit if they can sign the player before the previous contract expires, but that doesn’t change the fact that an additional 4 years Is the same time period for either. And if you are simply going to assume Mahoney will renegotiate in a few years, why not assume Dak will restructure in a few to spread out the cap hit? Seems the assumption is Dak will always do whatever he can to screw the team and every other QB will always do whatever they can to help the team.
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  8. Flamma

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    Good post overall, this is just the part I disagree with. I could be wrong, I'm just going by circumstantial evidence. The redskins drafted at the number 2 position, right? If they were so interested in a QB why did they take a lineman? Why would a team go through all of the trouble of clearing up cap space to pay Dak all of that money when they had any QB on the board not named Burrow for the next 5 years relatively cheap? That doesn't make sense to me.
  9. McKDaddy

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    Info I look at says they have around $37MM in dead cap. Highest in the league. Sunk costs are not irrelevant. Also says they have less than $15MM in available cap and they haven't reached a deal with Ngakoue. Whether Minshew is or isn't the answer is to be determined but he showed promise, he's cheap & they moved Foles which indicates their interest. My point was for these reasons, I don't think Jacksonville would be interested in Dak. I think they are more interested in getting their financials in order while they evaluate Minshew.

    Keep in mind that I see flaws in Dak's game and was definitely against paying him top $ so i'm inclined toward your way of thinking, simply saying i also see why the FO didn't go those routes.
  10. Diehardblues

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    Yea, if it comes out we could have signed Dak for 35 million for going 4 years instead of 5 then the Cowboys will be further criticized .
  11. kskboys

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    Whooooaaaa, how did my name get up top of that post?
  12. kskboys

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    So, your solution is to simply grossly overpay players?
  13. CouchCoach

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    Our decision? If you are talking about us, most have already arrived at that.

    I think he is a tier 2 QB, whether that's 8 or 12 doesn't matter because he'll move up and down that ranking. They do not have a shot at a tier 1 and I do not trust them to not end up with a tier 3 with their track record.

    Prescott might not be what everyone wants but he damned well may be the best they can get. Can't rank him without considering the other options.

    Some really need to remove that "hey, this is the Cowboys, they have to have a tier 1 QB" thinking. The storied history of the Dallas Cowboys was a long time ago and they've been trying to sell that for too long.

    It would help everyone here if they could remove that "this is the Dallas Cowboys" thinking and just look at the last 25 years as a football team, not the Dallas Cowboys. They do that and this franchise looks a hell of a lot different from those glory years. What was was little to do with what is except for the media coverage, which still mystifies me. This team is not worthy of the coverage and hasn't been in a long time.
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    ABQCOWBOY Regular Joe....

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    So I will apologize to you as I was under the impression that these points were from the article you posted and not drafted by you. I would have never used such critical language to you for these opinions.

    I don't agree with any of your follow on points.

    Have a good weekend.
  15. Lutonio

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    That sounds fair. He’s not up there will that crop of players who we know are Hall of Fame bound, but he’s far from a dumpster fire. The problem is getting him to accept a tier 2 contract.
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  16. Diehardblues

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    I’m not sure if I’m being misunderstood or trying to redirect my message.

    My question is directed at how do we evaluate the Cowboys decision . Not our or ours opinion. I’m only interested in analyzing the Cowboys decision not what we think or would do.
  17. DFWJC

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    ABQCOWBOY Regular Joe....

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    Not by me.
  19. DFWJC

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    He was already offered a tier 1 contract--just not tier 1A++
    Either way, he doesn't even have to accept a tier 2 deal.
  20. ElGatoGrande

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    There are plenty of people who think the annual failures were Scott Linnehan's fault,,, and then Jason Garrett's fault. McCarthy's success or failure should settle the matter of Dak's true worth.

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