Dak can raise value of Cowboys by +1 billion with SB win

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dak_Attack_09, Aug 1, 2020.

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    If that's the case I dont see why a one year deal with a DE is even a question.

    Prescott cant win it by himself, and with this defense as is, it's not gonna happen.

    I'm all about the kids also, but if I have a billion on the line, rather roll w Clowney or Griffen, and Bradlee Anae will get his turn.

    Not as if you're talking multi year committment and huge signing bonus.
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  4. glimmerman

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    We need a Defense and for sure a better ST than we had last year if we make it to the dance.
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    Please stop embarrassing yourself with these type of nonsense posts.
  6. Jipper

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    It’s a fan forum with identities masked....lighten up Francis
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    There’s already a thread (started by the site administrator :confused:) based on this very same SI article.



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    I wish they would take away your ability to create threads.
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    Where did this come from?

    You think Forbes uses a magic 8 ball or picks numbers out of a hat to determine sports franchises value?
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  10. InTheZone

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    so is it all Dak or a team effort? Because if it's all Dak then he needs to be gone since he's single handedly failed for 4 years.
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  11. Gangsta Spanksta

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  12. GMO415

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    The NFL will be taking a huge financial hit this year. Trust
  13. DanTanna

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    Dak isn't taking us to the Super Bowl. The team will drag him kicking and screaming to the Super Bowl.
  14. gimmesix

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    Partly why I came into this thread. I absolutely can't stand when we place success or failure on a single player. There may be times when it's accurate, but most of the time it's not.

    If we win a Super Bowl this year, it most likely will be due to the change in coaches, since that is the biggest change we've made. So a more "accurate" title might be "McCarthy can raise value of cowboys by 1 billion with sb win." Of course, who knows if that's true.
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  15. thunderpimp91

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    I'm convinced only about 5% of Dak haters really have anything against Dak. The other 95% just hope Dak leaves in hope's this troll follows him to his new teams board.
  16. acr731

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    Damn...... I'm borderline insane but this makes me seem somewhat normal.
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  17. charron

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    we will never know
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  18. MikeB80

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    The teams wealth is tied to its assets. Has nothing to do with the actual football that is played on the field.
    This team could go 0-16 two years in a row and nothing would change. Tickets are owned by psl owners who have to pay and the tv money will be the same.

    If winning and losing were important we would have seen a fire lit under the jones family's butt years ago. The only time they made concessions and conceded power was when their wealth was actually threatened and that was in the early 00's when no city in the area would give them the money to build a new stadium. Jerry conceded to Parcells and after one season his voice and actions were enough to change an entire fanbase and local market's outlook. Parcells helped Jerry get the stadium built with the vote in november of 2004.

    That move made them beyond valuable and changed everything forever.

    The team went 8-8 last year and looked like a complete train wreck from november on, on the field and on the sidelines. They made a record 421 million dollar profit.
  19. Rayman70

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    I say more..I say with a SB win, the teams value goes from 5.6 billion now, to nearly twice that, close to 10 billion. Sounds crazy, but the merch alone would be absolutely record breaking. Jerry would parlay a SB win into something we haven't seen before.
  20. Brax

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    Read some of his posts then you will understand. Just another sad pathetic Dak attention garbage post.
    The title "Dak can raise value of Cowboys by +1 billion with SB win"
    is his fantasy delusion and the link doesn't have anything to do with his title.
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