Dak-Dalton Talk is So Stupid and MisGuided

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Chuck 54

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    Fans sound ridiculous discussing whether the offense will be better than, worse than, etc. under Andy Dalton. Scoring points was not the reason we were headed toward 2-3 under Dak, and whether the offense continues scoring 30+ per game under Andy or a little less or a little more is inconsequential. Even if the offense doesn’t miss a beat and continues to lead the league, that’s the wrong question to be watching.

    Even if Dak was still leading the offense and leading the league in offensive yards and points, it would still mean nothing. Under either QB, the only question that matters is can the defense show up and stop anyone.
    Even within the division, the question isn’t can we score 30 points vs Washington, NY, or Philly. The question is can the defense hold any offense under 30 and deliver a stop with the game on the line.
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  2. Cowboy Lover

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    The bickering has gotten a bit under my skin. One poster went so far as to tell another "look YOU made the rules for this debate, now live with them!".

    Um...no...."one poster" JUST MADE the rule of using "another" rules, rather than his own. Obviously pro Dak/pro Dalton situation.

    The "rule"...should be stay true to your own rules. Be consistent with your assessment of each player.

    What I hope Andy can bring is a cleaner start. It's not all on Dak...but sometimes a change of a player brings change in others.
  3. Runwildboys

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    That's true. Scoring 30 - 40 points a game isn't sustainable, so having a shootout every game is no way to get to the playoffs, much less win any.
  4. Cowboy Lover

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    It has to be exhausting...fighting for your life every play.
  5. Jake

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    You must be new here.

    Whether the Cowboys are better or worse with Dalton is irrelevant. What matters is if your personal narrative looks right or wrong as a result of Dalton's play. :rolleyes:
  6. ChuckA1

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    Some allow their love/dislike for a player to cloud their love for the team.

    Go Cowboys!
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  7. Cowboy Lover

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  8. blueblood70

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    the alternate question to be asking is would we have been better if all the fumbling, INTs, and untimely OFFENSIVE penalties that put us behind the chains all the time as well as the ST coach making his risk call, and lets not forget passing on an easy FG to tie the Rams game , would getting half those mistakes back had us at 4-1 maybe 3-2 ? I mean they all created horrible situations for this already poor defense

    the short fields , quick turnaround and wearing the defense out even further having to defend more possessions etc , why do we keep sugar coating that?

    Ive said this many times the last 4 weeks and get defensive reactions saying the defense is historically bad and it wont change,, really i saw the defense truly only give up 20-21 points against the Giants, against the rams who have score more against other in a much cleaner game , only gave up 20, look at all the points caused by

    Muffed KR by pollard
    the penalty on the ST that was a punt called back and they run back out and kick a FG thats 3 points
    the pick 6 was 7points

    the fumbled snap what was that a fg or TD cant remember..
    we can go back every game and see whole the defense is Bad they arent as bad as the final score wants to say it was..

    look deeper not only are points given up by the offense momentum. , play calling ,many things changed due to all these mistakes..

    clean this crap up and we have chance to go 7-4-/8-3 down the stretch, win the division get to the playoffs maybe playing very well with shot..

    this was full team, including coaches ,including injuries' , effort having he ugly start we've had this year..theres 11 games to go to get it corrected..i say it can happen.
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  9. CowboyFrog

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    Be consistent with your assessment of each player.

    I'm pretty sure thats what it means when someone says "just make sure you judge Dalton the same you have been Dak" does it not?
  10. Reality

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    Why does it matter? Dak is injured and out for the season. Dalton is who we have.

    It's not like thinking one is better matters. It's not like rooting for or against Dak before, or for or against Dalton now matters.

    I could understand people getting upset if this was next season and Dak fans see he still does not have a contract or if it was next season and Dalton fans watch him sign a contract with another team.

    Right now though? It just doesn't matter. The Cowboys have Dalton as their starting quarterback.

    As a fan, I support the guys on the field regardless of my personal opinions of who is better or who I like more.
  11. CowboyFrog

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    There are extremes on both sides for sure but most are rooting for Dalton to do good..the fact is Dalton can play great and still get the same critisism as Dak was getting..I think that is what some are pointing out. In all fairness to Dalton he could have the #1 offense in the league and still not beat a"winning team" this year with this defense...and thats kinda why I'm saying, its crazy when you say the QB is the problem on this team.
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  12. conner01

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    I’d send you a cold beer if I could
    Great post
  13. CowboysWillRise

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    Well Chuck we already know the answer to that question.
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  14. Frozen700

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    Dalton is now our QB and our future. I'm sorry but Daks time is done.

    All you trolls who went around trolling fans telling them to leave because Dak will sign a big deal. I hope this is wake up call, and I hope this stops the trolling, to make fun of everyone's misery with Dak

    Dalton is our QB and I'm excited. I can't wait for the game, I feel like life has been brought back into the cowboys.

    So all you Dak trolls, get on board or leave. Simple.

    Go Cowboys!

  15. gimmesix

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    I don't completely agree. Yes, the defense is bad and if it continues to be bad, it's not going to matter who is at quarterback as far as team success goes.

    However, even if we continue to play poorly on defense, playing Dalton gives us another way to assess what we have at quarterback, especially considering the money that will be invested in the position. If he plays on the same level Dak has been, then it makes you reassess paying Dak what he's seeking. If he plays at a lower level, then it confirms what the team believes about Dak.

    Dalton is in the same situation as Dak as far as the players around him, so it's easy to do a direct comparison. In a year where our defense is so bad, that might be all we get out of it.

    I'm not saying all the bickering about it isn't stupid and misguided, but there are some valuable things we can learn whether the rest of the team can turn around its play or not. Anyone expecting Dalton to make a huge difference if the defense continues to play like it has, though, certainly is misguided. It's more likely that at best the season will go about like it has and at worst the offense won't be able to keep up with what the defense allows.
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  16. Runwildboys

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    Well said...but you haven't expressed your opinion on one or the other in such a way as to feel you can't back down from it now. :laugh:
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  17. Runwildboys

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    Yeah, I don't think that's the point Reality was making.
  18. Corso

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    I'm Daknostic and Andivalent.
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  19. Runwildboys

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    Nicely done! :clap::clap::clap:
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  20. Mr_C

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    Yes. Those that root against Dalton are as stupid as those that rooted against Dak. Not stupider though, because they are true life idiots that can’t be topped in the stupid game.
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