Dak-Dalton Talk is So Stupid and MisGuided

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Oct 17, 2020.

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    Wow you really do not get it. Like I said to begin with but you do not understand "The team will wait and see the results and make a decision that no fan has any input to same as it has always been". You are the one pretending to know.
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    I'm going by what I've seen over the years. Dalton is a back up. You can repeat that the team will wait and see all you want. The only reason Dalton is playing is out of necessity. Which is why he didn't beat out Prescott for the start.
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    3 times the Tos more mistakes = losses not just purely defense..

    so stick your narratIve where the sun don shine.. right up the asinine flavor of the month narrative..Put it in sideways if you want to argue those 11tos didnt effect games you are a sports idiot..

    seatles dead last in YARDS allowed, so yes just as bad , they simply look and rank better because our 11 tos and mistake all over the field led to losses and points given up..

    all of it..
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  4. blueblood70

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    anyone want more proof

    Packers Tampa bay game 14-10

    dang can you believe the packers defense gave up two quick tds in 20mns?

    wait lets go back Rogers pick 6 and another int brought to 1st and goal at the 5 for another TD

    this on the defense that they are now down 14-10 or technically they havent give up a point in the real world, the offense spotted TB 14 points off two snaps..

    so really its 10-0 packers if the offense doesnt create the points for TB

    ironic isnt it?

    my understanding of football is mired in reality's not narrative's..got it?
  5. CowboysFaninHouston

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    no the difference actually is not that....given that browns have had 8 turnovers...yet they are 4-2, Bills are 4-1, buccaneers are 4-2.........so three additional turnovers, 2 of which came in the last seconds of a game in desparation throws...so essentially one turnover when it counts in 5 games.....

    come on your are spinning away like a mad mistress....

    here is the difference....seattle defense has had 10 turnovers....browns have had 12, buccaneers 11....cowboys defense...dead last with 3....

    like I said, your understanding of football is very limited. you are so desparately trying to put the entire onus of our record on offense......and spinning away like the spinner that you are.....

    son, I understand your agenda, but your lack of football knowledge is holding you back in trying to argue a case, you lost 4 threads ago....the more you wiggle, the deeper you sink in the quick sand you created....

  6. blueblood70

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    you have it backwards check the mirror..
  7. aikemirv

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    The ultimate question from this situation is :

    Does it make sense to pay Dak what he is asking for? If an historical 10-15 average QB can come in and not miss a beat then it pretty much proves the cast is the key to Dak's success. If Dalton comes in and stinks up the joint, I think most everybody gets on board paying Dak. I personally don't think he is worth it to your cap to spend 35-40 million on him but if any reasonable alternative means our offense sputters and coughs then you kind of have to pay him.
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  8. khiladi

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    Dak-Stan logic.

    Dak is GOAT, because he put up numbers when down by plenty of scores

    Dak critic:

    But that means, the Dallas defense was holding so Dak could come back. So by your logic, the Dallas defense is GOAT.


    Noo! That means the opposing offense let the foot off the gas pedal.


    So by that logic, the opposing defense let the foot off the gas pedal, playing soft, prevent and just content with keeping time off the clocks.


    Moderator, ban this man!
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  9. khiladi

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    Not really.. It just means we wasted 5 years, catering to Dak, while the franchise went from a talented roster, including All-Pro line completely into the trash can. If the roster is garbage now and that’s why Dak can’t win, then it’s the same for Dalton...

    Jerry has already indicated this by saying, if they don’t make the SB, it won’t be because of Dalton. In essence, this proved what Jerry and Stephen have been saying. Paying a QB that much, especially the likes of Dak, isn’t worth it at all.
  10. gjkoeppen

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    And what you're not getting is the winner of the NFC East very well may have a losing record so laying claim as a divisional winner really won't mean anything. So doing that won't make the Cowboys change their minds that Prescott is their QB of the future,
  11. CowboyFrog

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    I think most including me are saying, If Dalton continues the same path Dak is on, he will demand high money also...If we can win with middle of the road QB play that would be a diferent story...but from what this current team has shown..middle of the road QB play gets us beat by double digits...but we are about to find out for sure.
  12. Chuck 54

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    Until the defense is improved dramatically, only a perfect, MVP QB performance even gives us a chance to win, and even then it will be 30-40 point shootouts every week, and the team will lose its fair share of those based on who has the ball last.

    When the OTs are back next year, this offense is set up to be successful with most above average QBs. However, the defense will not be significantly improved by money, which has been proven by free agency over the years. So letting your franchise QB walk just because the offense will still be pretty good with a decent vet is stupid thinking. You always want the best QB you can put out there, one who will be in the system and performing at a high level for several years.

    What fans need to realize is that our defense isn’t poor because of a lack of money. We are so far below the CAP, even with a franchised QB, that we could have signed Byron Jones or any other defender we let walk. Dallas let them walk, not because of the salary cap, but because they didn’t feel they were worth the money. (Jones didn’t create turnovers, and Quinn was a liability vs the run).

    Dallas will try to keep the offense together, adding in our own OTs and TE next year, all already under contract. They will focus primarily on defense in FA and the draft, hopefully with a very clear picture of what is needed to make Nolan’s defense work. They will sign Dak because they are not in any real CAP situation. Signing Dak will not cost us anyone the Cowboys want to keep and pay on offense or defense. If a WR or a defender is allowed to walk in the future, or if there is a free agent Defender fans are in love with, they will not go unsigned because of our QBs contract. It will be because Dallas believes they are not worth what others may offer. This is why teams we think are in cap trouble still do whatever they want in free agency. The Jones boys have just drawn a line in the sand, rightly or wrongly, when it comes to contracts.

    Once you accept this truth, You will still love or detest Dak’s QB play, but you will drop the false narrative that if we pay him, other stars will be let go. It just isn’t true.
  13. Doomsday101

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    Trolls isn't that what you are doing? Dak time is done? According to whom? You? I want Dalton to play great and I want this team to win. If Dalton and the offense go out and put up 30 points it is not because Dalton played crappy it will be cause defense continues to give up more points.
  14. Vandyr

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    So is that the reason you're such a Dak homer?
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  15. Frozen700

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    I'm rooting for Dalton and the Cowboys. The real trolls are the ones who are mad that Dalton will take over, and lead us deep.

  16. Philmonroe

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    I'm not worried about his money in regards to salary cap. I just think he is Alex Smith in KC. He's an average QB and soon as you get a chance to possibly improve you must take the chance. He will have us at an eh level for the next few years as long as the talent around him is decent but don't think he will do much more than that. I'd love to be wrong but I don't wish like some of,these fans on things I don't control.
  17. SSoup

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    The quality of Dak's play is why I support him in any conversation where dum-dums are trying to sell people on worse players magically being better than him when the stats say Dak is better using basically every statistical metric that exists.

    Dalton last year posted a 2-11 record and a passer rating of 78. At this point in his career, he's Dwayne Haskins basically. That's Dwayne Haskins-level results and production. When this level of play comes from someone in a Washington uniform, we literally point and laugh. Now that it's a guy like Dalton, our trashier fans are swearing up and down it's an improvement for us. Its not. And the people pretending it is are making it very clear what they're about.
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  18. buybuydandavis

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    Knight started the game awful. Maybe the Cardinals saw some things on tape.
  19. Jake

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    Tonight we saw just how stupid. Dalton is a 32 year old back up QB. That's not an accident.
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    The Dak haters had to eat a giant L tonight along with the team.....................Dak made millions tonight.

    You see, Jerry can sell 38-35 losses, those are exciting watching Dak bring the team back late in the game. What was on the field tonight was turn off the TV level of stink, Jerry cant sell crap like that. Ergo that is why Dak is going to get paid.
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