Dak-Dalton Talk is So Stupid and MisGuided

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Oct 17, 2020.

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    so ALL 15 TOS and 84 pints are simply zeke..lmao he will never be benched full games, simply snaps taken away..even after that pollard running etc Zeke had a 4.1 ypc last night and pollard 3.1..

    Im very upset at Zeke i defend him all the time , on of my favorite players but the fumbles have to stop..i get it

    Im curious if the coaches are seeing the issue might be the sleeves or at least that could be mentally a fix to at least try something new.. remember when Tiki barber was known as fumbler, and he worked on an it finally stopped being habitual..
  2. NotForLong

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    Tiki would walk around 24 / 7 with a ball and people around the team were tasked with trying to knock it out of his hands at all times. I doubt Zeke is that dedicated.

    Zeke as a talent is still elite, its how he is applying the talent is the problem. This is what I have an issue with. There needs to be accountability, if Zeke nonchalanently fumbles again he needs to be reprimanded.

    Other wise you are just a team that tolerates BS and nothing will ever change.

    So either Zeke performs better or he is on the Bench . . . no ifs ands or buts
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    Anyone still peddling this narrative is foolish, just say you personally don't like Dak and move on....everything else you say is just wrong and will be proven for the next 10 games.......That was bad and i'm sure the "anyone can win with this offense" goalp[ost will now be moved...just man up and say "I personally don't like Dak" and at least you can keep whats left of your self respect
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    The protection was horrific last night and Dalton was horrific in how he dealt with it as well. He made many horrible decisions and while 266 and a TD or 2(Gallups drop) would not have been bad given the protection, the int and near ints are completely unacceptable.

    I doubt he will get better and our OLine decimation is unbelievable given what we had 3 years ago!
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  5. blueblood70

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    well the bench includes a lot of BUTTS:lmao:
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    Nah you are just mad your hero got hurt, and probably won't be back. How does it feel watching him go down?

    You are conflicted because you couldn't wait to make this post after hoping we would lose. You are truly butt hurt. Never heard of you until today, so you hid until failure happened.

  7. CarolinaFathead

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    You said you didn’t even feel like a fan until Dak got hurt and the Red Rocket became the QB!!

    that’s funny because it shows how stupid you are marinating in your Dak hate!!


    This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO entertaining!!

  8. Frozen700

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    Wow you know a lot about me. Sadly I don't even know you, never seen you on here. I know you are a fan of mines, and I'm known around here, good or bad.

    It's obvious you want my attention and you are trying to gain some recognition off of me. You're below me, and a peon, don't know you fan.

    So I'll ignore you, enjoy the 15 minutes.


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