Dak for Rodgers and Love

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mookie, Jan 25, 2021.

  1. rnr_honeybadger

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    I said nothing about his statement yesterday. I am talking about his repeated statements disparaging McCarthy. Meanwhile on the flip side McCarthy has stated nothing. That lack of class tells me all I need to know
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  2. Swagger

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    Could we afford Rodgers? He has at least 3-4 more years in him at the top level if he wants it.
  3. FloridaRob

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    He never disparaged McCarthy. I am a packer fan. Never happened. All that was said was other peoples conjecture and speculation.
  4. DeaconBlues

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    Understood what call? Please tell me you aren't referring to yesterday?
  5. Captain-Crash

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    did you call them a troll daddy or a quitter?
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  6. Cowfan75

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    Do it...just to see Fat Mike and Rodgers duel to the death on the Star.
  7. Captain-Crash

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    maybe dak to the lions, campbell can eat daks bad foot.
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  8. Coy

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    Well, he should, he can’t win SB’s w/o him, lol...
  9. Mookie

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    Rodgers with Cooper, Lamb, Gallup, Zeke, our line and the emerging Tight Ends would be almost too much for the entire NFC East. With that said I started the thread just to get the offseason going a little bit.
  10. jazzcat22

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    I am surprised they put this out there. That is something they would throw out there about Romo or Dak...throwing for games played on the 7th of the month during the season.

    And thanks, I did enjoy that.
  11. blueblood70

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    exactly easy to decipher when its not blowing up your narrative.. those choosing to rip rogers and calling the guy a choker for losing NFCCGs and playoff games not against us is precious, seriously that man has taken his teams farther then we have been since 1996..if hes chokers Daks a loser a complete and total loser..theres literally no comparison. And the money AR has on his deal is around the same or less then daks demanding and i see us easily getting 3 good years out of AR so its good trade to make..he has far more years left then TB or manning had, i mean the man is about to win an MVP trophy, so whats the issue?

    so lets use common freaking sense , AR even right now is better then any QB we have had around here in quite some time.

    This was mostly a hypothetical because Gb and AR would have to agree on landing spot and i doubt they allow him to go to an NFC team let alone dallas and AR may not want to come to a MM coached team ie been there done that..he wants to go to CA and Raiders seems the likely landing spot as they are done with Carr , have draft pick assets , and its where AR and GB would agree for him to land..

    watch TB12 take franchise that hasn't been playoff game in 14years? one season turned it around and he was supped to be washed up and its al Bill B that was the reason for winning..right, another narrative destroyed.

    AR will make most any average to good team an immediate contender, thats a fact..

    I hate him and the packers as much as anyone but that wont let me see clearly..if AR wanted to come here and the packers were willing im doing that in a heartbeat..
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  12. Dak_Attack_09

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    Dak > Watson

    Dak never had a season below .500
  13. TwentyOne

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    Rodgers for Dak is a joke.

    We would have to pay Dak and 2 firsts for Rodgers.

    And that would not be enough because Daks deamds are so high no team will match it.
  14. 75boyz

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    Fire fat Garrett first and Im all in, no doubt. Regardless of Love being included or current starters traded or other draft day scenarios.

    Git r' done Stephen! Cowboys!
  15. Captain-Crash

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    they're no way in the world or universe where you could get a rodgers and love for a dak. sorry that would never happen.
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  16. Blackspider214

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    No thanks. I don't want Rodgers. He is at the end of his career and aside from one outlier year a decade ago, he fails over and over when it matters in the playoffs. He will do the same thing here. And he is making a ton of money. I will take the younger QB.

    He couldn't even win at home when the opposing QB threw 3 picks in one half. He had the ball in his hand twice with a 5pt deficit and could have won the game but went 3 and out twice. And then sputtered at the end of the drive when down 8.

    This sums up his career. Great in the regular season when he is trying to pump up his numbers for his own narrative. But this does not translate for him in the playoffs because the defenses play tighter and the refs stay out of it as much as they can. He does not get the favoritism he usually does during the regular season.
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  17. kskboys

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    Dak never had to play for Houston. You really need to add more to your comparative analyses. That one thing isn't anywhere near enough to come to any sort of accurate conclusion.
  18. kskboys

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    Rodgers is only good when things are going his way. Very much a fairweather QB. When things don't work, he blames others. Been doing it his whole career.
  19. cern

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    discussions about scenarios that will never happen are interesting to read.
  20. vig454

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    Aaron Rodgers for Dak? Hell yeah!

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