Dak is a great QB

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RustyBourneHorse, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. RustyBourneHorse

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    PERIOD! END OF STORY! Dak put the team in position to win that game. Dak played a monster of a game, and he went toe to toe against Brady and came a BS non-call OPI away from beating the Bucs.
  2. Ky31

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    I’ll like this a million times!
  3. Ken

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    I mean, people don't realize how hard it is to throw the ball as many times as Dak does and have minimal mistakes.

    His one pick tonight was on basically a perfect throw.

    Last year, with those big passing # games...similar.

    We have a special player and leader in Dak.
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  4. kevm3

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    You have to give him his props. He threw for 400 yards against arguably the best defense in the league last year and one that held Mahomes to 9 points and he got virtually no help from the run game.
  5. SackMaster

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    Dak may be on the cusp to making that next step from "bus driver / don't kill the team" to "playmaking" QB.

    I mean, that might have been the best throwing game he has ever had. His passes were spot on virtually every throw. Not every throw, but almost every throw.
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  6. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    If you look at his numbers, he did his job. He did enough for us to win. A couple of more plays here and there and we would have won. I'm still waiting on those super stars on defense to play like super stars. And there were a couple of times during that game where I was thinking we need to run more clock.
  7. AtomicDog

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    Dak has always been the least of this teams problems. I think Dan Quinn will get this Defense going good sooner than later. Kellen Moore is an excellent Offensive coordinator. We just need Mike McCarthy to get it together.
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  8. Aven8

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    Only thing that stopped Dak was penalties in a few series. Tampa’s D did not stop him.
  9. jazzcat22

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    Can’t wait for what the Dak “dislikers” say. They are all huddling trying to come up with the negatives.

    And after no action for 11 months. Just think when he knocks off the rust we all heard about all off season long.
  10. Word Mofo

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    Dak took some monster hits, too. What if he had a clean pocket like Brady. I can only imagine…
  11. Ranching

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    You mean. Haters?
  12. RonnieT24

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    Dak was certainly the best QB on the field tonight.. Props to Brady for what he was able to accomplish but he got outplayed tonight and got bailed out by the refs there at the end. The hold call on Williams may have been legit but the one on Tyron was garbage .. a classic throw your hands up and flop cause you're going to the ground.. And that no call on Godwin.. GTFOH.. Two years in a row we get screwed on the same call .. only this time it's a non call for doing the exact same thing that got Gallup flagged last year.. I hate the refs..
  13. ArtClink

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    Absolutely correct!! Dak is a freaking miracle worker with all our franchise dysfunction (coaches with no authority, hc not allowed to hire his own staff, bad salary cap moves, etc) and we are so lucky to have him. If Lamb could catch like a first round draft pick, Dak would have had one less interception. I don’t get the Dak haters.
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  14. jazzcat22

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    yeah but they get so upset with being called haters. So I was trying to be PC by saying dislikers but putting it in quotes adds that sarcasm of really knowing what is meant.

    They would be so upset with being called a hater, because it is past their bedtime. And may not be able to sleep. :muttley:
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  15. Romo_To_Dez

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    After tonight, some can no longer say that he can't perform well against good teams.
  16. Slim_JD

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    The focus on Tampa stopping the run game is why he threw 58 times and had 400yds. He failed to make Tampa pay deep within the redzone cause he struggles to throw in a compressed field. He’s a good qb but I don’t think he’s great. Teams don’t dare great QBs to beat them
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  17. lk8701

    lk8701 Well-Known Member

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    Yeah. Lamb's drop turned into INT didn't help matters for Dak either.
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  18. Rockport

    Rockport AmberBeer

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    He proved it tonight.
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  19. RonnieT24

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    Oh but some of the usual suspect absolutely will..
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  20. RustyBourneHorse

    RustyBourneHorse Well-Known Member

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    Of course, I was making this thread to highlight the point about Dak. For those that don't post in the off-season and preseason, there were raging debates about Dak, and this should hopefully end that debate.
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