Dak is not good against good teams

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jkyle, Sep 7, 2021.

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    I know it's not just his fault but Dak's record against winning teams the past 3 years is not good.
    He's 5-13 the past 3 seasons.
    He threw for a lot of garbage stats in many of the losses and hasn't performed at a top level.
    For a 4th round pick, he was given a lot of deference.
    But now, he's compensated as a Top level QB and he is expected to perform as such and find a way to overcome deficiencies outside of his control.
    The Top QB's tend to "find a way" and that's what will be expected of Dak.
    I hope he can deliver.
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  2. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    As the late great Sam Cooke sing "A Change is going to Come".
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  3. SeanLee50

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    Problem is, the last few years our defense was bad. So every mistake he makes is magnified and he’s basically asked to play a perfect game.

    Better defense (Parsons) should help level this out
  4. Jarntt

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    Troll thread
  5. Risen Star

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    Because Dak is not good.
  6. Doomsday101

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    Cowboys in general have not played well against top teams. They have a chance come Thursday to change that. I think any time you face a top team it will require your team to step up and play big that goes for Dak and every member of this team.
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  7. blueblood70

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    and IF you go back and look at most qbs they arent as good as against the best competitions..cherry picking dak without at least showing all 32 teams qbs records against better teams is hollow., incomplete, and pointless post..

    we calls it haters or troll talk but i deemed this as clownfan post..

    but carry on...:facepalm::muttley:
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  8. America's Cowboy

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    Dak Prescott: Record against winning teams

    Dak Prescott took over as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback after being drafted by the team in 2016. He got an opportunity for an injured Tony Romo that turned into a long-term gig. Prescott has been a very good quarterback for the Cowboys despite the lack of team success that was expected.

    Let’s take a look at how many times the Dallas Cowboys won games against teams with a winning record with Dak Prescott as their starting quarterback.

    I started to dive into this stat for every quarterback because the new hot argument is to say that a certain quarterback didn’t beat anyone good. I often see people use this argument to say players like Kirk Cousins and Matthew Stafford are not good and just put up empty stats.

    First off and most importantly, quarterback wins are a team statistic. Secondly, very few quarterbacks in the NFL have a winning record against teams who finished the season above .500 in the league.

    See every QB’s record against winning teams

    What is Dak Prescott’s record against winning teams?
    Since entering the NFL in 2016, Dak Prescott is 13-20 (.393) against teams that finished the season with a winning record.

    In 2020, Dak Prescott was 0-3 (.000) against winning teams as the starting quarterback.

    • Rams (loss)
    • Seahawks (loss)
    • Browns (loss)
    In 2019, Dak Prescott was 2-6 (.250) against winning teams as the starting quarterback.

    • Saints (loss)
    • Packers (loss)
    • Eagles (win)
    • Vikings (loss)
    • Patriots (loss)
    • Bills (loss)
    • Rams (win)
    • Eagles (loss)
    In 2018, Dak Prescott was 3-4 (.428) against winning teams as the starting quarterback.

    • Seahawks (loss)
    • Texans (loss)
    • Titans (loss)
    • Eagles (win)
    • Saints (win)
    • Eagles (win)
    • Colts (loss)
    What quarterbacks have a winning record against winning teams?
    There are currently 6 active NFL quarterbacks with winning records against winning teams.

    ^^^^ The common denominator for these 6 QBs with winning records against winning teams? They have all been surrounded by good offenses and very good defenses.

    You can digest that information on your own. The only thing I want you to take away from this is that it is extremely rare to have a winning record against teams that finished the season with a winning record.

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  9. calicowboy54

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    Isn't this the same thing we said about Romo too? I think this is due to the Lack of defense
  10. reddyuta

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    give any QB our Defense and see how they do against good teams,i swear some of you must be so miserable.
  11. Cowboy Lover

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    Great counterpoint.
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  12. slick325

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    Great song reference.
  13. thunderpimp91

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    I think you have to throw out any 2020 game. Defense was historically bad, especially early in the year. Oline was miserable as well, plus zeke couldn’t handle the football if his life depended on it. Wins and losses are a team effort, dak didn’t have much help last year.

    2019 we were at least competitive in nearly every game. I think dak has his faults, but I’m not freaking out over his W/L record just yet.
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  14. Cowboy Lover

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    On topic....

    I think Dak is good enough for us to win. I personally think he has a couple flaws...that can certainly be addressed and improved.

    I'd like to see our defense stiffen up...I hope that doesn't make me a hater!

    So we have to start out better on offense...AND make some key critical stops on defense. If we can be more even at halftime, or even )gasp) AHEAD! ...it will make a big difference!

    Let's give it 2-4 weeks with this new team....erase that board and start clear and clean, what do ya say?
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  15. thunderpimp91

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    In 2020 I agree. Prior to that we had a middle of the road defense.
  16. Nav22

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    How does the Cowboys defense do against good teams?

    Now compare that to Dak’s numbers vs those same good teams.

    There’s your answer.
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  17. TequilaCowboy

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    Most QBs are not great against winning teams..but some are worst than others.....the following are only to end of 2020 season but it gives you an idea
    Of course Brady is 61% win factor and most wins. Winning teams are considered as teams with winning records at the END of the season.

    Player Total Wins Losses Ties

    Aaron Rodgers 80 36 43 1 .456
    Baker Mayfield 20 6 14 0 .300
    Jimmy Garoppolo 15 9 6 0 .600
    Kirk Cousins 42 7 35 0 .173
    Lamar Jackson 16 10 6 0 .625
    Patrick Mahomes 1 6 10 6 0 .625
    Josh Allen 17 7 10 0 .411
    Justin Herbert 6 1 5 0 .166
    Kyler Murray 1 4 3 11 0 .333
    Daniel Jones 9 0 9 0 .000
    Sam Darnold 17 4 13 0 .235
    Deshaun Watson 26 7 19 0 .269
    Tom Brady 121 74 47 0 .611
    Marcus Mariota 25 12 13 0 .480
    Russell Wilson 59 32 27 0 .542
    Matt Ryan 86 31 55 0 .360
    Drew Lock 8 2 6 0 .250
    Dak Prescott 33 13 20 0 .393
    Matthew Stafford 75 8 67 0 .106
    Jared Goff 31 14 17 0 .451
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  18. MountaineerCowboy

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    Yes, I believe it's been proven that, thus far, Dak personally does not play well against good teams, but neither does the Dallas Cowboys as a team at this point.

    Everyone needs to be better.
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  19. Romo_To_Dez

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    This is true, I think there are only a few starting QBs, who have a winning record against teams above .500. There are QBs who fans view as great or elite, who do not have winning records against teams above .500. But, Dak gets singled out a lot of the time or either held to higher standards compared to how fans judge other QBs.
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  20. America's Cowboy

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    It's a fact.
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