Twitter: Dak: "My confidence is through the roof"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound, Jun 14, 2022.

  1. noshame

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    I think he knows his limitations and they've developed a system that hides them.
    I'm hopeful
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  2. tyke1doe

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    On the one hand, these are typical off-season comments. After six years in the league, you should be producing better.

    On the other hand, I honestly believe Dak was never fully healed. He played the tough warrior and gutted it out the rest of the year, even though it seems pretty clear he reinjured his foot at the end of the Patriots game.

    So ... we'll see. Regardless of the offensive line, he needs to up his game like about $40 million worth. He can't lean on the offensive line excuse after Joe Burrow got his team to a Super Bowl with a worse offensive line.

    As Larry the Cable Guy says ... Git er done!
  3. Cowboy4ever

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    I think this is a really big year for Dak. I think we will see the best version of Dak to date, whether or not that is good enough is yet to be seen though. I think back to Romo and the progression he made each year as the starting QB to hit 2014 and it all came together and he turned in one of the best QB performances ever. Romo was outstanding in 2014. This roughly the same time frame that Dak is entering, will this be the year he can put it all together, hopefully. We will see. OL should be improved, the RBs are healthy and this has the making of the best D in Dallas since the SB teams of the 90s. We also have a weak conference as a whole. If not this year, it will likely never happen. He needs to take that step for this team to reach it's goals.
  4. Direwolf63

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    That's nice
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  5. Hadenough

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    Well let's hope he is getting better because he got Gallup hurt with a bad throw.
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  6. TequilaCowboy

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    Well let's hope your performance matches your perceived increased confidence. We will see if it's just talk or not.
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  7. john van brocklin

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    Confidence is great.
    Just hope he can step back and look at areas he can improve on concerning his performance
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  8. zrinkill

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    Next Jerry will guarantee a SB
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  9. Hagman

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    Everyone is stronger, faster, and better this off-season.
    Looks like we're well on the way to winning our 27th consecutive Summer Super Bowl.
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  10. lwehlers

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    it gets tiresome year after year how these players talk about how confident they are then they go out in the playoffs and choke and make stupid penalties to lose games.
  11. Acceptablename

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    it did
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  12. MarcusRock

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    Best shape of his life, bro. Read between the lines.
  13. DonaldM

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    Most here would still be on IR, me included.
  14. Ranching

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    Not if you're an athlete and are answering mediot questions
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  15. DonaldM

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    Exactly. If you don't want to hear from him don't ask. Next.
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  16. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Is it me or what’s more Cowboys culture than Cowboys players saying these cliche mantras all summer only to show no difference come Week 1 lol
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  17. dcstar

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    Go Cowboys!
  18. gimmesix

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    Mine's not. Wish it was.
  19. gimmesix

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    I almost think the injury during the season shook him more than anything. You brace yourself for the recovery from the broken bone, knowing that it's a long road back and there will be a lot to overcome, but then while you are playing really well, you strain your calf. You've got to be thinking is this the new normal? Dak was playing at a very high level before the calf strain, so I think mentally he had regained his confidence. Then, the strain happened and sapped him. Hopefully, his body is ready now to fully cooperate with playing the game and he has no other setbacks.
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  20. OGCowboy

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    That’s great. All the props to the vatto for having his head screwed on right....after all he does have 40 million reasons. is cheap.
    He can talk the talk but can he walk the walk? be continued
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