Dak - proof that hunger and work ethic are paramount

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    We are 6-4. Our defense isn't good enough to carry this team, like San Fran's. And our running game isn't carrying this team this year. So the truth is it doesn't matter how much you dislike Dak, he isn't holding us back. In fact, if he averages 378 yards per game in the next six games he'll set a new record for passing yards in a season.

    Bottom line is you're discrediting a QB that is going to surpass 5,000 yards this year. Any QB who passing for over 5,000 yards in a season is capable of winning a Superbowl. I give you Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees as proof to that statement. So you actually have nothing to doubt Dak over.
  2. Mr_C

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    When you calculate and tally up stats you’re supposed to only count games against top 10 D’s that have winning records (I guess when we play them?)

    @PAPPYDOG said that’s the only way they’re official.
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  3. Mr_C

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    Do you not see hypocrisy at all?
    Are you trying to get people to ignore you?
    Do you notice even your band of idiots aren’t with you today?

    444 dude. You really do sound dumb.
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    PAPPYDOG "It was a catchable pass" Zone Supporter

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    Our team needs a lot of work and I don't state that Dak is the sole reason why we are once again playing .500 ball.
    But without a Franchise QB under center and taking into consideration that this is a Cap league the odds of winning another Superbowl with average Dak are long-shot at best!
    Look man this is a passing league and when your QB needs that kinda of talent and Cap $ around him just to beat dead-beat teams something is rotten in Bid D....

    PAPPYDOG "It was a catchable pass" Zone Supporter

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    Idiots,Jokers,morons,Stupid, this is the caliber of you and your Dak-Zoids responses.
    Ignore away bud as I highly doubt you have the mental capabilities to comprehend the game and my posts.

    P.S. Did you get this weeks Pay-check from Dak's PR dept?
  6. simplycowboys210

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    Well New England’s secondary is the ****. So after next week if Dak does well, all that goes out the window.
  7. Romo_To_Dez

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    Yet, the Patriots defense being considered to be "good" has been used as a reason to defend and excuse Wentz for his poor perform against them. How other QBs that some favor or think has potential to have an elite, promising career are given the benefit of the doubt if they go against tough defenses. Yet, Dak is considered trash if he doesn't perform his best against top defenses. Do Dak haters go through other QBs performances and to say that they're not really good due to their stats and numbers coming against average to below average defenses?

    I wonder what the excuse will be if Dak puts up a decent game against the Patriots defense and the Cowboys actually pull off an upset win. There's still double standards when it comes to Dak and other QBs. All of a sudden it switches to "Dak is trash because he can bring his A game against great defenses." to "Give him a break, he's still a great QB, he can't be expected at have his A game against a defense that is so great."
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  8. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Drew Brees and the Saints have Kamara at RB and Thomas at WR. There is only one QB in the league that can win on a regular basis with minimal talent around him. And that's why he's the Goat.
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  9. Philmonroe

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    I need you people to stop lying. Show proof of this made up many were calling for Romo to come back lie. Its like you people need to lie just because.
  10. Runwildboys

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    Dak did get a lot of protection yesterday, but even when he didn't, he was making plays. When defender's got in his face and tried to block a pass, he anticipated the attempt and threw sidearm, or whatever angle necessary, and pretty accurately.

    I think it's time you try to look at him without thinking about who he was when he started, and see him for who he is now. He ain't perfect, but he's better than most.
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  11. cowboyed

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    Dak is not our defense or special teams. And let's not slight their quarterback just because he is not Stafford. Driskel has ability, no doubt. He can run, make quick decisions, he is cool as a cucumber and he is hard to take down. He can heave the ball as well.
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  12. FLCowboyFan

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    And he has done it all with a ton of fans rooting against him. The guy has ice water running through his veins.
  13. morasp

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    Dak looked good yesterday he had all day to find receivers. I hope he continues to do well but if we do make the playoffs the better defenses will most certainly make him more uncomfortable in the pocket. Our next game will be a good test of his evolution.
  14. lukin2006

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    Yup. If all else fails hard work will often see you through.

    I am just enjoying Dak's QB play. He looks to be the best QB from the 2016 draft.
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  15. DakPresgoat

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    I keep hearing this argument. Then again. 444 and 3 TD’s isn’t expected against great defenses either.
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  16. SoupcanSam

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    Hopefully not. I'd like to see them beat the Pats, but it would also just be like another day in the park if Dak and the boys had a bad game.
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  17. Blake

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    Ironic hearing you criticize someone's "mental capabilities" when you probably have a 70 IQ.

    The repeated use of the Dak's PR line just confirms how much of a simpleton you trully are. No one honestly believes that, but you have to keep falling back to that tired phrase since you're too stupid to even fabricate a convincing argument.
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  18. morasp

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    That's true and he did put up pretty good numbers against the Packers and Vikings the outlier being the Saints game but I'll be watching with interest this weekend. Other than Lamar Jackson, the Patriots have tended to humble opposing quarterbacks this year.
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  19. LACowboysFan1

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    Some people complain that Dak can't "carry the team on his back unless he has top talent around him and all day to throw".

    There's some truth to that, but as in this game, the running game isn't doing well, Cooper has limited snaps due to physical problems, the o-line isn't top notch, merely very good and of course he has to deal with Garrett as his head coach, as well as a greenhorn OC.

    If Dak didn't have the skills, he'd not have 444 yards and 3 tds, with zero ints. So in part he is "carrying the team on his back", imho, without the skills he'd still probably have won the game, but not by such a score and certainly not with 444 yards of passing.

    And finding the quarterback that can truly carry a team on his back is very difficult, many teams have tried that and failed miserably. You risk losing all this team has built up if you abandon Dak after this year, or the next.

    I think it's time we all got behind Dak, sure he's not a Brady or Rodgers or Brees or Wilson(but bearing in mind each of the last three have won ONE Super Bowl each, if they are truly able to carry a team, then why haven't they gotten but the one SB each?), but those guys are few and far between.

    He's not going anywhere, Jerry WILL pay whatever it takes to sign him. He has rapport with the receivers, Zeke is still young and strong. If someone truly hungers for a Dallas Cowboys SB win or two or three, we need to stick with Dak, the other alternatives have a lesser chance of major success, I'm taking the best shot possible....
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  20. Rockport

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    Every time you post you embarrass yourself more. We all know you don’t have the balls to admit you are wrong.
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