Dak's Dogs 911 Audio

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by links18, Mar 13, 2019.

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    Was the dog howling?
  3. Killerinstinct

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    It was nice of the dog to call 9-1-1. He must have been worried about the lady.
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    1. If his dogs could get in her yard, then her fence was not secure.

    2. If his dogs were gone or leaving then why were her dogs still outside?

    3. If his dogs were dangerous to people then why are the people out there with them and why didn't his dogs bother anybody else?

    4. Hate to say it, but I detected a condescending tone from the neighbor/homeowners-president lady when she said she "I can tell you where these dogs came from". People with money tend to be biased about who lives in their neighborhood.
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  5. links18

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    I detected a lot of pain and anxiety from the woman who apparently lost a digit.

    BTW, were they able to reattach it?
  6. xwalker

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    I've listened to quite a few 911 calls and I've heard more calm and rational responses from people that had just been raped or had just witnessed a murder. People actually tend to be more calm in serious situations than you might think, even kids.

    Excessive emotion is often a concern for investigators in murder cases because people that murder somebody and then call 911 usually put on a good show of being wracked with emotion.
  7. conner01

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    Dak needs to get a cat
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    Don’t get me wrong, an aggressive pit isn’t easy to deal with, but listening to that you would think the lady is being hunted down by 2 velociraptors or something.
    Also, I haven’t seen any reports that Dak’s dog injured the lady’s dog. Am I wrong on that? Because if Dak’s dog wasn’t attacking her dog, why on earth would her finger ever get close enough to this dogs mouth?? Did she try to pull at the dog and it snapped? Because it doesn’t sound like the dog is trying to her attack her at all.

    But with all that said, Dak is still at fault. If you have a dog aggressive dog it’s on you to make sure it doesn’t get out. Especially now that I’m seeing that this wansnt the 1st, or 2nd time. I just hate to see a dog get put down because of a bad owner and a dumb decision becuse of the lady.
  9. speedkilz88

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    Has to get it out of frisco
  10. rags747

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    What the hell does #4 mean? Not following at all...
  11. DandyDon52

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    1. it is up to any dog owner to make sure that his dog stays in his yard, and cant get out. especially with a pit bull.
    your other points are all irrelevant
    The dog that bit her was his responsiblity and he failed to take proper steps..

    The thing is anyone can get any type of dog anytime, and it should be that people have to get a license to get a pet.
    they should have to take classes on safety and all the dos and donts in all areas.
    But the pet food industry wants everyone to have a dog and other pets too.

    I was watching the news the other nite, and a woman jogger in a city park was attacked and mauled by a pitbull.
    Turns out the owner was a homeless woman!!!!!!!!
    How crazy is that? but no one cares till the dog hurts someone.
  12. JBond

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    An aggressive strange dog in my yard is going to eat a bullet.
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  13. nightrain

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    he's gonna pay big for this episode.
  14. Northern_Cowboy

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    Would that also mean that if the dogs also got out of Dak's yard that his fence was not secure? C'mon the responsibility 1st lies on Dak to make sure his dogs are secure. They didn't go thru the fence the got out of Dak's yard first then when into her yard
  15. xwalker

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    I didn't say Dak was not responsible.

    If somebody let's their 5 year old kid run into the street, it's their responsibility; however, it also the responsibility of drivers to NOT be speeding on a residential street.
  16. Birdgang

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    The woman on the phone sounds like a nut case to be honest. She says her finger was bitten off ... but then says the nail is still there. She ignore the Dispatcher about the neighbor who asks to put them on phone. Dispatcher wanted a calm , hopefully more sane person as a sitrep. I get it , if another dog is attacking your dog , its like one of your children. I find it funny she talked and heard the dispatcher right until then though.

    News is missing a lot of important info. What type of dog did she have ? Was her dog hurt or killed ? Were the dogs just playing and her hate for a breed got her bite? Which dog actually nipped her , because a little bit of finger is not an attack .... more like sticking where it should not be. The history of her and Dak with dogs getting loose. Ive seen crazy neighbors bait dogs to do things liek get out of yards. " Does not excuse Dak , as he should know by now" Ive seen people turn the sweetest of dogs into a frenzy by taunting them

    I have been bite twice in my face by dogs as a kid. I was 4 then again at 7 . over 50 stitches first time and another 25 the next. I didnt whine even a quarter this lady did as I sat and waited in pool of blood for Ambulance to show up. Now granted some people deal with situations better then others. But this lady is 50 ... Sounds more like she does not like the dogs or Dak to be in her neighborhood. Dak should sell that over priced cookie cutter get a dam condo downtown. Save buying a home when you need the space.
  17. Northern_Cowboy

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    Your comparison isn't valid the woman in question did not break any laws and was not charged with anything (to the best of my knowledge). If she did it would stand to reason they would have charged her with something or at the very least taken her dogs too. She was in compliance and Dak was not, especially since it has been reported he was warned twice about his dogs escaping, apparently through a door that did not close properly at his house, you would think Dak after being warned twice would have at the very least had that door fixed. I'm quite sure he never thought anything like this would happen but that doesn't take away his responsibility.
  18. xwalker

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    If you have a pool and the neighbor's kid gets in and8 drowns, you the pool owner are liable for not having the fence secured from people outside the fence.

    Her story seems sketchy to me.

    She did not seem concerned about her dogs on the 911 call when neighbors could be heard in the background asking if she needed help.

    Did his dogs really get inside her fence or were they just trying to get in and she decided to try to get involved anyway instead of putting her dogs in the house?

    Her dogs were definitely still outside as she described Dak's dogs leaving. I would want my dogs in the house asap.

    If his dogs were all that dangerous then her dogs would be severely injured or dead but that does not appear to be the case.

    Yes Dak has liability but the penalty is the issue.

    In America you don't get the death penalty for speeding or even for robbing a bank if nobody was killed in the process.
  19. Northern_Cowboy

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    Must be a pretty good story cause she wasn't charged with anythiing. The Dogs were Daks and they got loose, her dogs did no,t she tried to get the dogs apart (stupid) and had part of her finger bitten off by Dak's dog, the dogs were in her yard after they escaped Dak's yard after Dak had already been warned twice about this because his dogs got out twice before. Dak is the one at fault the women did nothing wrong
  20. xwalker

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    That's a simpleton thought process.

    We don't know if his dogs were actually within her fence. The report said fighting through the fence.

    She should not touch his dogs. That's animal control's job. They obviously were not killing her dogs because they were alive when she called 911 and when she said Dak's dogs were leaving.

    No proof her own dogs didn't bite her.

    If Dak's dogs did get in her yard then a kid could get in her yard
    . Just like a pool owner is required to keep their fence secure and locked to keep kids out, the lady is required to do the same if she has dogs in the yard.

    Dak being at fault for loose dogs does not excuse her for endangering kids in the neighborhood with dogs in an unsecure fence. Just because her dogs stay in the yard, that does not mean that it's secure from kids on the outside.

    Dak's dogs are heroes for keeping neighborhood kids safe by exposing this ladies unsecure fence containing her potentially dangerous dogs.

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