Twitter: Dak's stock keeps rising

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Rockport, Nov 2, 2020.

  1. Blake

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    You wont, and if we do and either one suks; I'm going to laugh in your face.
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  2. Redline360

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    The cowboys will he the only team who will overpay for him now. If Dak was a smart man he would take the first legitimate offer from a real football organization and never look back.

    No point in paying him big money when he entire team bar a few select positions needs entire rebuilding. We are not a "quarterback" away

    It would suck to see him go but it would be in the best interest of both parties to go separate ways
  3. dckid

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    Correct. Never pay franchise money to a good player.
    Give me one example where it has worked out? Just one!!!
    Cousins, Wentz, Goff, Romo... ( this one will burn some people), Jimmy G, Flacco, this list is very long...

    You can never pay great players too much.
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  4. dckid

    dckid Well-Known Member

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    I totally agree. Dak will be so much happier with the Niners, Rams, Colts, Bears
    WFT if they want to overpay please do it.. He would not be happy going there or Jacksonville
  5. dckid

    dckid Well-Known Member

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    You can laugh all you want... We will save 30 million a year in cap space. Dak is a good serviceable QB and it stops there.
    You keep making one line posts with nothing to back your how great Dak is statment. You cant like we were 5-0 with Dak.
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  6. Mr_C

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    I wish you didn’t communicate with anyone.
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  7. johneric8

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    That's an insanely hallow statement. If the weapons we have were so amazing then dnnuchi and dalton would of instantly put up some points and posted decent numbers.

    Dak made our offense look much better than it is, anyone on this forum that knows football without emotional bias gets this.

    Just months ago the usual suspects were beating their chest on how the offense hums because of Zeke and that is a gross miscalculation. Sure a strong running game helps, but great qb play with smart reads is even more important, not to mention ball protection.

    Put a decent defense on the field and we compete for championships.
  8. Denim Chicken

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    That's the team record, bud. With a defense allowing HISTORIC points against.

    But you know this.
  9. ghosttown cowboy

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    If the OL remains garbage you could give Dak eleventy billion a year and the Cowboys are still a 7-9 to 10-6 team every year...
  10. acr731

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    Yes, I do know that. But some here are trying to make it sound like if Dak hadn't gone down, OMG, they would be doing soooooooo much better, like maybe a whopping 3-5. Fact is, the season was pretty much done before he went down.
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  11. OmerV

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    He played with this O-line, except Knight instead of Erving, and he put up a lot of yards and points.
  12. Rockport

    Rockport AmberBeer Zone Supporter

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    He never chocked and cost us the division. That's just your ignorant opinion one that you've well established since you've been here.
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  13. CowboysRule

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    Good to see you're a fan of Dak and not the Cowboys.
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  14. rnr_honeybadger

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    Dak also had the pleasure of playing behind an offensive line that wasn't as bad as it is now. The one time he played behind a bad line was a few years ago when he was roughed up pretty bad. The offense today wasn't the offense that started the year and with the OLine banged up the way it is I don't expect anyone to succeed behind it. That being said, Dak is and will always be a QB who is limited by what he can do. Not really sure why people want to look at him as some great messiah - he does what any decent QB in this league would do - what he doesn't do is what sets guys like him apart from the elite guys.
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  15. rags

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    With our luck, we won't get either.
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  16. leeblair

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    Yes, he did. He played terrible when the games mattered the most.
    That's the only knock on him- he chokes. He can't handle the pressure.
    He's not a marquee caliber quarterback. A great athlete, but doesn't produce when it's time to lead.
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  17. Seven

    Seven Messenger to the football Gods

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    Rodgers lost to Minny......go ahead and keep blathering on about choking, half-wit.

    NFL Golden Boy. Two weeks in a row. I LOVE IT!!!

    Go back to your packer board. Stay there.
  18. Rockport

    Rockport AmberBeer Zone Supporter

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    That's bull****, complete and utter bull****. Just because you say it doesn't make it true.
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  19. HonoluluCowboy

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    So because the rest team has sucked. We got to pay Dak ? You all must be related to Jerry. Paying sorry *** Dak is not going to make us any better. Cut bait and it’s time to reload !
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  20. bsbellomy

    bsbellomy Well-Known Member

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    With every game we lose we get a better chance at drafting one of the top 2 QBs. So there isnt an argument anymore that the Cowboys have no choice but to pay Dak.
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