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News: Dallas Cowboys could do more with Jerry Jones doing less

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by CCBoy, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. CCBoy

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    Dallas Cowboys could do more with Jerry Jones doing less

    ...Cowboy Nation would be better served if our team had more of an identity than our owner. I browsed this list of NFL team staffs and it verified something I assumed to be true. Jerry Jones is the only Owner / President / General Manager in the NFL. It reminds me of the Hey Mon skit on the show, In Living Color, where members of the Wayans family were required to have more than one job.

    Jones is doing so many things that he’s not capable of doing one thing great. As they say – Jack of all trades, master of none – and it’s detrimental to the team. Many owners only make their identity known when lifting Lombardi trophies. I wouldn’t mind if that’s the only time that Jones was on television.

    They say that one key to running a successful business is surrounding yourself with good people. Unfortunately, Jones’ management style has scared many good people in the NFL away from the Cowboys franchise. The few times that a coaching position became available, the leading question was – Can this coach co-exist with Jerry Jones? That’s not a positive thing...

    Simply put – Jones’ for profit mentality earned him a Hall of Fame gold jacket, but his management style, front office hierarchy and poor decisions haven’t brought any Lombardi trophies to the Cowboys organization...
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  2. GMO415

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    I really believe he is so CONTENT- COMFORTABLE that he doesn't want to rock the boat. He is more concerned with being number one in sales and revenue. Now that's he's forever mentioned as a HOFer.....he's good. He'll die happy NEVER EVER winning another SB.
  3. Bobhaze

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    Well one thing is crystal clear: If Jerry wanted to win more than anything else, he would have made a lot of changes. Winning takes a back seat to whatever Jerry’s priorities are.
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  4. Diehardblues

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    There’s only room for one ego on the Cowboys as long as Jerry is there.

    The only time we’ve had more success with Jerry is when someone’s ego rivaled his. And Jerry didn’t like winning enough to take a back seat.
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    Winning is second to being able to do the "fun stuff" for Jerry. Its been that way for a long time.

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