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Dallas events this fall to look forward to ..

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by igtmfo, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. igtmfo

    igtmfo Well-Known Member

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    Aug. 30: TCU football vs. Samford in Fort Worth.
    Sept. 4: E. Texas Baptist at Texas A&M Commerce, in Commerce TX, 7 pm.
    Sept. 6: SMU football at North Texas, Denton TX. ... Plus UNT has 9/11 and 9/20 games in Denton vs. La Tech and Nicholls St. .. The Nicholls St. game on 9/20 is at 2:30 p.m. for some reason.
    Sept. 13: TCU football vs. Minnesota, in Fort Worth.
    Sept. 14-17: Grapevine Wine Fest. I would rather guzzle 2-buck-chuck from Aldi.
    Sept. 20: SMU football at Ford Stadium, Dallas - visitors are Texas A&M Aggies
    Sept. 22: Dallas Stars at home vs. SL Blues, preseason. Stars are going to be good.
    Sept. 27: TCU football vs. SMU, Ford Stadium, Dallas
    Sept. 26-Oct 19: The great State Fair of Texas run.
    Sept. 27: Prairie View vs. Grambling, at Fair Park.
    Sept. 30: Mavericks vs. Hawks, preseason, AAC. Mavericks are going to be good.
    Oct. 3: Jefferson Flea Market, Jefferson TX
    Oct. 11: The Red River Shootout (gosh sorry, I'm sorry to be insensitive, I meant "Red River Rivalry") Texas OU of course.

    Don't forget UT-Dallas athletics up in Richardson, nor the University of Dallas out in Irving. Neither play football, but there is soccer, lots of women's sports etc. .. UNT Denton etc.

    As far as us guys go, women's college soccer, volleyball, swimming are fall sports here in DFW starting in September. I only enjoy the competition, not looking at the hot 20 year olds that is ... Hey if you buy a ticket, you are not a creeper ...

    Why write this? ...

    Do you think Cowboys games in Sept/Oct will be anything to look forward to? ...

    Just want to bring pleasure to everyone on this board. Hey yesterday I saw an event - you could float on the Trinity River in Fort Worth on a tube or your raft or just dogpaddle, then watch a band play at sunset and afterwards, fireworks. I've never seen this sort of thing in Dallas. Is the Trinity in FW near downtown more sanitary than the river bottoms in Dallas? .. And why?

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