Twitter: Dallas has the third-most penalty yards in the NFL this season at 402

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rafaelgreco, Oct 12, 2019.

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    That reflects on the coaches and then lack of accountability. No one's scared of losing their jobs. We have no idea if we can even make a field goal and the kicker still has his.
  4. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    I believe they also have the lowest number of penalties called against their opponents as well.

    Or at least they did prior to the Packers game.
  6. ksadler1

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    Have faith here gents. We'll be #1 after this weekend...
  7. Techsass

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    So we excel at something? 10.3 yds sounds like we've cut down on the ticky tack 5 yd screw ups.
  8. Tangle_Foot

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    The officiating crew with the most penalty yardage against Dallas gets an all expense paid trip to Hawaii ;)
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  9. ItzKelz

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    Now this is one you can put on JG
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  10. cowboyblue22

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    this along with lots of other stuff is on the coaches
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  11. Seven

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    Nope. You can't.

    Thank you jed......You shouldn't have messed with the "Good 'ol boys club".
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  13. John813

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    Great effort by the coaches and players for making this possible.
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  14. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Packers never get called for holding against us.
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  15. Beaker42

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    Undisciplined and without any repercussions.
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  16. Elusiv1

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    Coach Carrot just claps everytime his players make mistakes:huh: Jimmy Johnson would have cut the player the next day!lol
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  17. rocyaice

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    Yeah I’m not gonna get up in arms about this. This isn’t just about a stupid team. Some of these penalties have been questionable to say the least and it seems like teams that face us never commit a penalty.
  18. jblaze2004

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  19. Techsass

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    Interesting we didn't even make the top 10. So I stand corrected we didn't excel. Amari & Anthony Brown are our biggest repeat offenders with 4 & 5 penalties respectively.

    Doesn't sound near as bad when you break it down. I think that's why all the car ads emphasize the low monthly payment.
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  20. BoysfaninVegas

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    Correct. That's just bad coaching.
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