Dallas needs Sean Payton no matter what it costs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by john van brocklin, Jan 24, 2022.

  1. morat1959

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    Nobody and I mean NOBODY can fix Dak!
  2. CyberB0b

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    No more re-treads
  3. Vanilla2

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    Isn’t he basically mike mccarthy with better PR?
  4. grgnfg420

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    I’d give up a first this has to happen it’s a dream scenario and a perfect fit for us. I could see him being our coach for the next 20 years
  5. CapnB

    CapnB Well-Known Member

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    He knows how to dance for an old white dude. so i say yes
  6. Aven8

    Aven8 Well-Known Member

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    If Mike would actually plays and his offense and we see that I might say no. But if he won’t and we keep JG Linny offense I say go get him.

    We know he can scheme an amazing offense and he’s a Bill disciple.
  7. My3Sons

    My3Sons Well-Known Member

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    MM is a -7 in just game management. SP is probably a +7

    He is worth draft capital.
  8. conner01

    conner01 Well-Known Member

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    I don’t get why fans think throwing around a premium pick is a good idea
    If he’s on the market, that one thing but trading picks is a non starter for me
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  9. Tabascocat

    Tabascocat Dexternjack

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    If he wants to come here a year later after retirement, then fine if Dallas falls short again. Payton and MM have basically identical post-season records with a future HOF QB. Do not give up draft picks…..
  10. exciter

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    Just before Tom Benson died he removed his daughter and grandchildren from his will ( caught on they wanted to move to San Antonio) and left the team to Gayle (step mom) with the task of finding a buyer who would contractually agree not to remove the team from a dead city. To have any hope of doing so she will desperately need Payton as he’s the only selling point left. She even went as far as extending his last contract early. He’s mildly considering taking Aikmans position “if he jumps” otherwise he’ll be back in New Orleans and it will take much more than a 1st round pick or 2 for her to give him up!
  11. darthseinfeld

    darthseinfeld 26 years of 26 years

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    I dont see Jones sticking with McCarthy with Payton potentially available. Even if that availability comes at the cost of draft capital. Dont see Nola turning it down if he is just going to walk anyways. I dont know how much it would take. #24 would probably be the minimum, but I think Jones makes the bold move.

    Payton is his best shot at winning it all in his lifetime, and he has a strong relationship with him. Word his Jones back chaneled to see how available he was late 2019, so Im guessing Payton was his first choice. I think he pays the price for him this year
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  12. MoistMayonnaise

    MoistMayonnaise Well-Known Member

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    I don't see it but stranger things have happened.
  13. darthseinfeld

    darthseinfeld 26 years of 26 years

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    Definite stab in the dark on my part. But I just have that feeling. Jones doesnt have much time left, and I believe he is sincere in wanting to win it all before he goes. After how mad he was after the WC loss, I don't think he see McCarthy as that guy.
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  14. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

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    This would be the best move for the team. Id take a proven coach over a late first round pick any yr.
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  15. dagreat1_87

    dagreat1_87 Well-Known Member

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    I like Payton but no way does Jerry send a first rounder for him. He aint worth it
  16. darthseinfeld

    darthseinfeld 26 years of 26 years

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    I think it would end up being a bit more. Not as high as two 1st, but I think Jones would go with a 1st and 3rd to get it done, and NO would take it
  17. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

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    Dallas is going to have comp picks again this yr so it shouldnt be a problem if they went this route
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  18. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

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    Jerry won’t give up a draft pick for an HC and I don’t see Sean Payton coaching anyone in 2022 unless he decides to stay in New Orleans. It appears he’s looking to take a year off and recharge.
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  19. youngjerryjones

    youngjerryjones Well-Known Member

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    can we give them amari cooper and a 2nd?
  20. Hagman

    Hagman Put Niland and Green in the ROH

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    A gut feeling that we’re going to give away picks for Payton?
    And that Payton could work under Jerry?
    Clear the room. There’s a giant release of gas imminent.
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