Dallas should hire Fangio today

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Blackthorn, Jan 9, 2022.

  1. Blackthorn

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    Fangio had great game plan for Dallas who was rolling red-hot. He was great against the Cowboys and really dialed in a defensive scheme to shut down Dak, Zeke and the receivers. Fangio could break down film of the upcoming opponents and assist the defensive coaches in film prep. He doesn't even need to work with the players. He can be a hired gun to help scheme opponents and cut film. Vance Joseph and Dan Quinn were cast-offs that proved they have expertise. What if Quinn leaves?

    From wiki, "Fangio’s defenses have consistently been among the most productive in the NFL in a number of categories, including scoring defense, total yards allowed and fewest penalties. His defenses have ranked in the league’s top-five in yards allowed in eight of the last 13 years while placing in the NFL’s top-5 in fewest points allowed seven times over that span".

    A 5 week contract.

    Go Dallas!!!
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  2. Acheman08

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    I just saw he was fired and if Quinn leaves, I would hire him as DC
  3. Madtowner

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    Dan Quinn is certainly in the running to replace Fangio.
  4. DB_Cooper

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    Not a bad alternative for sure. He seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t like Jerry though. The league is full of coaches who don’t like what the Cowboys stand for but who ride on the coattails of the money he makes for the league.
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  5. TwoCentPlain

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    I would expect him to be the next DC here. Too easy. Unless he gets a HC offer.
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  6. Tabascocat

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    He definitely is worth considering if Quinn leaves.
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  7. SDCowboy

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    What exactly do the Cowboys "stand for"? And how do you know which coaches don't like it?
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  8. charron

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    Dam near every coach would be just fine working for Jerry. Especially those looking for work.
  9. DB_Cooper

    DB_Cooper RubyRidge

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    I’m a fan of the Cowboys. But there are threads in here every week about Jerry being more focused on making money than winning a Super Bowl. Some NFL coaches may think that way too. I’m not saying I agree with that but some do. I remember seeing a quote from Harbaugh during the Romo years saying the Cowboys were an example of what is wrong with the NFL. Might have been after the last game at Texas Stadium.
  10. Hawkeye0202

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    You guys may wanna run this by MM. Pretty sure his first choice to replace Quinn ( if needed ) will be Joe Witt Jr. From what I've read/heard, he actually wanted to bring him before Nolan but he couldn't out his contract. The problem IMO, I'm not he has enough skin for Jerry and Stephen.
  11. TheMarathonContinues

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    I agree....
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  12. ElGatoGrande

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    Jerry needs to be challenged if we're ever going to break this cycle of fake contention. Fangio is such a loudmouth child he's bound to be entertaining for sure, he makes Jim Harbaugh look like a the height of maturity and decorum.
  13. CTcowboy203

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    I’d be happy with it if Quinn leaves but I could also see Jerry going after Zimmer for DC
  14. DCwarrior

    DCwarrior Well-Known Member

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    Doesn’t he run a 3/4? We don’t have enough players suited to that scheme to run it as a primary base.
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  15. Jake

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    Fangio was Jim Harbaugh's DC in the past. If the Harbaugh to the Raiders rumors prove true, expect Fangio to rejoin him.
  16. JonesBoys

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    I think you’re wrong. Jerry pays good coaches well. Also Dallas gives you a big name if you do well. Especially when this team has talent like right now it would be a great job for any assistant.
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  17. Creeper

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    I am actually shocked Fangio was fired. The Broncos were a competitive team this year and lost their starting QB when they still had a chance to make the playoffs. Consider the moves the Broncos front office made. How do you blame that on Fangio. They drafted a CB when they were rich in CBs. They trade their best DE in the middle of the season yet their defense was still pretty good. It was their offense that let them down.

    If they think a new head coach like Dan Quinn is going to come in and do better than Fangio, I think they are very wrong. They need a QB. Quinn will not make the defense any better than it is.
  18. Hawkeye0202

    Hawkeye0202 Well-Known Member

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    Keep an eye on this one.......having coached in the same division, he and MM know each other very well. Being a former Cowboy DC and from my understanding, still has a home in Dallas, doesn't hurt. In fact, he could very well be the top choice if fired.

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  19. JayFord

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    even though Fangio can operate out of a 4-3 at times hes known for running a 3-4
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  20. Awakened

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    100% agree with the idea of hiring Fangio for 5 weeks as a consultant. Terrific idea.
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