Dan Campbell is hilarious

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jblaze2004, Jan 25, 2021.

  1. Whyjerry

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    Oh yeah. I was hoping he’d break a chair or knock over the Gatorade. America needs more maniac coaches.
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  2. Corso

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    I'm definitely willing to watch from afar.
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  3. dogunwo

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    But you were consuming their content. In the end, that's all they care about
  4. Ranching

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    Actually a friend told me about it.
  5. cern

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    Seemed a bit silly. Biting off kneecaps? I would expect better from someone who played for parcells.
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  6. Captain-Crash

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    yep him and rick flair will be a great coaching tag team.
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  7. Blackrain

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    I stopped listening after they bit off the second knee cap in case they were working their way up the body . What a hoot tough players are a thing of the past but Bull Spitters are still very prevalent as Campbell shows us .
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  8. Sasquatch

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    He's clearly one of those modern-era, creative, tactical genius type coaches that are all the rage.
  9. obidiah

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    I hope he turns Detroit around that would be fun to watch.
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