Darren Waller fumbled that ball

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ultron, Nov 25, 2021.

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    Excellent. Thank you!

    McCarthy says that a turnover is an automatic review just like I said when I posted the rule earlier that it's the same as reviewing a score and they don't even have to say they're reviewing it ... just like a score. @DakPresgoat, would love to see what Macauley has to say about this.
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    he didn't because they ended uo punting and knowing the refs would not have seen that 3rd foot bang bang type deal enough to over turn it..was fumble to me a many of us watch but that 3rd step could be so bang bang as the ball was punched they may not have overturned the play on the field..MM did not want to waste TO on an early first half play that ended in point..
  3. glimmerman

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    If it was us then it would be a fumble..
  4. Doomsday

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    No, McCarthy tried to challenge it but was told it was already reviewed and ruled an incomplete pass. Since the refs didn't review it, I assume it came from the NFL office.
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    If you believe he was already headed up field you eitjher visually impaired or a liar. Thr replay shows at the moment he catches the ball his back is turned to the defender and he running parallel to the sidelines - those are your personal requirements to determine someone has moved up field after catching the ball as stated in this thread by you yourself. You may think other people are too stupid to be able to see, but we can see too. Maybe even better you. The replay doesn't lie. and when slowed down to the moments where the ball cannot be seen, but is in in Waller's chest and then hands he still has his back turned to his defenders and is running parallel to the sidelines, again meeting your personal requirements to be moving up field not mine or anybody else's here.

    And don't think I haven't notice the continued chicken **** from you regarding where the rules states you must take three steps to make it a catch and that starting a step or how starting to taj=ke a step isn't actually taking a step. I guess manning up isn't in your skill set

    You know what I think - I think you're a high school ref who is overly sensitive about referees being criticized even when they should be, and some of that criticism has been aimed you (high school fans are parents I could almost empathize with you) but that doesn't change the fact that you have been dead wrong consistently in your defense of bad officiating particularly in your assertion that it should just be accepted and ignored. So why don't you just stay of these threads and accept and ignore it, instead of trying to bull**** people with pseudo-facts and pseudo-knowledge into thinking how you want them to think?

    You're not crushing anyone in online debate combat. Heck you aren't even winning the intellectual exchange of views (what this actually is), and you sound more and more like you don't know what you're talking about after all.and whn you keep avoiding answering questions yopu don't like the answer to, it sounds like you know you really don't know what you're talking about..
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    Oh look Dick Tracy over here.
  7. khiladi

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    This actually makes sense, the way you explained “the third foot”…. He definitely didn’t tuck the ball away or extend forward to make a football field. And the additional step was not there.

    I was thinking that the only way they could consider it is he didn’t secure the ball. But looking at your explanation it makes sense. “The third foot” phrasing originally created ambiguity in what you meant.
  8. Reid1boys

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    Sure we had the ball, difference was we didn't get bailed out with a 30 yard PI call like the raiders. You can always say we had opportunity to win sure, but those penalties clearly have a major impact on the outcome of the game. To deny that is simply denying reality.
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  9. sbark

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    McCarthy should’ve just kept throwing his review flag on that play.....3,4...5 times
    Romo would’ve loved it....brought up Dez...
    National audience
  10. RustyBourneHorse

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    Great, then we get a penalty flag for something that was automatically reviewed by NY and lose a time out.
  11. Proof

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    you’d have to show me where i denied it. i’m upset about, but again, despite the calls they still could have won so i’m choosing not to stay hung up on it
  12. SlammedZero

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    He catches it. Has complete control. Turns up field and our guy just makes a great play knocking the ball out.

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  13. Silly

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    I don't know... 1st half time outs are usually not that important. I would have made them review the play.
  14. Reid1boys

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    Lol...im not hung up on anything. Im now almost 52 years old. At least 15 years ago I finally learned to never let these games impact my life. None of us get paid by the Cowboys if they win.
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    Why, in God’s name, are you on a Cowboys message board when you so obviously hate the Cowboys? And you’re on here A LOT…some seriously messed up people on this “Fan forum”.
  16. AbeBeta

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    It was ruled incomplete. By rule the play is dead at that point. You cannot challenge. The freaking rules expert explained this cleary and without big words, so I'm confused as to how you can keep arguing this point.
  17. JoeKing

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    He didn't know the New York office had already reviewed the play and called down to rule it was an incomplete pass.
  18. JoeKing

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    It was an incomplete pass. You ill-informed people need to stop showing your ignorance by calling it a fumble.
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  19. Bullflop

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    That call by the refs was an insult to bad judgment -- on top of that, MM didn't throw the flag to overturn it -- that was just clueless! :angry:

    The runner took two steps, after clearly receiving the pass -- if that's not a football move, there isn't one! They messed up, bigtime! :rolleyes:
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  20. Runwildboys

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    The whistle wasn't blown. The officials on the field did not rule it an incomplete pass. That decision wasn't made until after the ball was recovered and run out of bounds. I don't know if it's true or not, but allegedly the decision came from NY directly. I don't know if they can just intervene like that or not, but it was sketchy as Hell...and I'm not a conspiracy theorist at all.

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