Darren Woodson: "At Some Point The Players Have Got To Win The Games"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MountaineerCowboy, Jan 22, 2022.

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  2. Mr_437

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    True, Woody. The players were the ones out there playing a Charmin brand of football.
  3. WillieBeamen

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    The problem is the players we pay the most, arent good enough.

    Dak needs to be carried

    Tank hasnt had a sack in the playoffs since his rookie season

    Zeke is flabby and sick

    Coop is too hot or cold
  4. slick325

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    He isn't wrong. But, the culture that exudes makes players believe they have already accomplished things. That comes from Jerry and the Jones family pumpin' smoke. IMO
  5. crashintonickdm

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    Dlaw is prob the most disappointing player ever
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  6. Flamma

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    He does have a point. Clearly we're not the Jets or Lions. Jerry has put together some good teams. Unlike the Browns who haven't been good since they played Elway in the playoffs. Jerry puts in the effort. But this team right now is clearly undisciplined.
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  7. Starforever

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    Zeke, won a national championship in college. He gets to the DFT, and becomes soft. Diggs, is a stats chaser. Parsons, had a coming out party, but will soon succumb to the DFT way. Gregory, Lawrence, Smith, Prescott, etc. They have shown themselves to be big talkers, without much substance. I will continue to cherish the golden years, because the late 90's til now, are the lost years.
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  8. DFWJC

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    Players win games....always has been the bottom line

    You can do everything right before a play, but it does not matter if the payers do not execute.

    1. Players first
    2. Head Coach
    3. Coordinators (could even flip-flop with HC if just one game)
    4. Front office..a very distant last if we are talking about a specific game
  9. gimmesix

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    Don't quite agree with him. We've drafted well, but we haven't supplemented those drafts with top-quality free agents. So there are some major holes that get exploited by quality teams.

    What would this defense have looked like with a monster DT on the inside? What would it have looked like with a top-notch free safety.

    Now, I don't think we were going to make a major move on offense because we thought we had it covered, but what if we had traded before the deadline for a better guard or center? We want to go to the Super Bowl, but the front office makes no moves to try to cement that effort.
  10. JoeKing

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    It comes down to players executing. Instead, we get players that need executing.
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  11. cowboyec

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    at some point...these same faces that continue to come up short in big games need to be held accountable.
    fire'm...and draft their better replacement.
  12. GMO415

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    Nominated for Post of the year.
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  13. Tangle_Foot

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    True, Jerry has put together some teams with talent but he has failed to put a staff in place for the team that would maximize their talent. Where is the discipline, the accountability and their creativity needed to go along with that talent to win ball games. Actually the only thing that players and coaches seem to agree upon lately is that the referees made some bad calls. Right or wrong it seems like more bellyaching than accountability.
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  14. fivetwos

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    Coaching matters.

    Jerry Jones doesn't agree.

    He either cannot identify who gives us the best shot to win or doesn't want anyone stealing his headlines.

    It's hysterical when he says he will do anything to win.....carries a boatload of caveats.
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  15. CowboyFrog

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    The problem is, he chose the players that cant win the game ...chicken and the egg....You want full control and full praise, then here it is...the players you chose lost the game AGAIN. He said he picks down to the hot dog vendor......

    Now make that list when its a span of 25 years....again he wants credit for everything if they win which means what....
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  16. DallasEast

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    Regardless of the type of sport, the best players are a combination of talent, smarts (sports or otherwise) and dedication. It is a general manager's job to acquire the most players fitting that combined description, along with competent, experienced coaches.

    Yes. Players must win games. Owners do not play. General managers do not play. Coaches teach how to play and never run on the field. This is the question though. Are each of your team's players the best available individual combination of talent, smarts and dedication? To put it another way, how many other players have been acquired to win games who could carry Micah (a freaking rookie) Parsons' jockstrap?
  17. Haimerej

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    Woodson needs to wake up and grow up. /s
  18. Captain-Crash

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    trent dilfer said bring him in. he doesn't need as many good players as dak. lol
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  19. Jake

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    Of course it's on players to win games. But it's also disingenuous to claim Jerry has put together teams good enough to win in the postseason when the simple fact is they don't.

    That's on the players and coaches, all of whom have his signature on their contracts.
  20. CATCH17

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    In what world do you expect to compete for a title while paying a RB 15 million a year to not produce and a QB who is average like he is capable of carrying the team.
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