David Irving in trouble for drug-test failure

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Jan 11, 2019.

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    from the link:

    FRISCO - Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving has missed "multiple'' mandatory drug tests in the last two months, sources tell me, putting in jeopardy not only any chance he has of participating with this team during the NFL Playoffs but also his chance of playing in the league anytime soon.

    Irving's off-field life continues to be plagued by legal turmoil largely related to conflict with his ex-girlfriend, with whom he shares a young daughter. And his on-field efforts have been marred in part by a high ankle sprain he sustained in practice on Nov. 2. But since incurring that injury, Irving has rarely shown up for work here inside The Star -- not only missing participation in practices, but also declining to attend practice as an observer, declining to attend meetings or watch film, and declining to accept rehab help with the ankle and encouragement to stay active in the weight room.

    "He's just sort of checked out,'' one person close to the situation tells me.
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    If this surprise you, welcome back from another country.....lol

    He's done!!!!!!

    Sure other players have had drug issues but my problem with David he just doesn't seem to care much for the game.
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    Cool, so now that's over can everybody stop asking/wondering about DI and focus on this SB run...
  5. cern

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    he checked out a long time ago.
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  6. davidariust24

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    We'll I guess he is done here
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    What a shame. He had the potential to become successful in the NFL.
  9. ShortRound131

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    he's done.
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  11. lukin2006

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    I did not expect a Gregory like turn around with him. Gregory wants football as part of his life, and it shows.
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    Seen his story a million times. Fact is, many NFL guys get that big initial paycheck and just checkout. Failing to appreciate the future they could have. A few million and they think they're set and throw in the towel. Irving appears to be just another of those. Sad, as he had such a great future in front of him.
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    A bit misleading. Yes a missed test is considered a "Fail" but he has not been tested and proven to be taking drugs. I would highly doubt it also because being a man trying to get sole custody any thing like that is going to make it hard to win in court.
  14. Ranching

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    I wish him well. God bless
  15. Jarv

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    Put him on IR and bring up someone who can contribute.
  16. cowboyblue22

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    iwonder why they haven't released him why keep him around with the rest of the team
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  17. Alexander

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    Probably should have at least IRed him weeks ago.
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  18. cern

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    we can only hope.
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  19. Hawkeye0202

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    Ironically Garrett said he was his situation was day to day.......this is why I always say, pay attention to what's NOT being said (lol).
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    If this is true, cut him before we get a SB win. Don't give him anything he didn't earn.
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