David Irving in trouble for drug-test failure

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Sounds to me like the kid may be dealing with some mental health issues. Maybe depression. I hope everything works out for him.
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  3. zerofill

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    Rolando 2.0 all the talent wasted.
  4. stasheroo

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    This is exactly what it is. And the same folks making excuses for Irving were doing it for McClain too. As long as they wear the star, people will excuse any poor behavior.
  5. Creeper

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    The question that still remains is why are the Cowboys listing him on the injury report with an ankle sprain? And if he is unwilling to rehab his ankle then why not put him on IR or cut him altogether? There is still more to this than is being reported. What are the Cowboys doing?
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  6. glimmerman

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    Yeah I would say if he isn’t resigned it’s because he is done in the NFL.
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  7. Rogerthat12

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    Waste of talent...
  8. CT Dal Fan

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    Irving has too much stuff going on off the field with his family issues and maybe his own mental health that I can't see his NFL career lasting too much longer.

    The Cowboys were able to work out things with Randy Gregory because he is clearly a good person that had a bad problem. With proper help for Randy and plenty of patience on Dallas' end, it looks like he's on track for a great career after all.

    But the difference between the two, for me anyway, is that Gregory loves the game of football and Irving just doesn't seem to care.
  9. Pantone282C

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    Say goodnight Gracie!
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    Yes, what what has he done to you to make you so spiteful? And what do you really know about his situation to make you so sure?
  11. Direwolf63

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    My guess is that Jerry wanted him on the roster so Irving would continue getting paid. He has a soft spot for guys like this.

    He has been paid for this year. He will become a UFA and will be suspended if any team signs him. Probably a year long suspension
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  12. DakBringMeBack

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    The new Randy Gregory
  13. buybuydandavis

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    If he had taken care of business. his next contract would have guaranteed him multiples of his career earnings to this point.

    I find it hard to understand how a guy can't suck it up for a year to get that windfall.
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  15. Risen Star

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    Quick. Cut him before we win the Super Bowl.
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  18. Risen Star

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    If there was anything more Fisher would report it. He's all over everything.

    In fact, if you cough up the 10 bucks a month you'll find out what drugs he's taking (including dosage) as well as audio of several of his arguments with his girlfriend.
  19. KeepinTime

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    Hard to even make 40k a year when you don’t bother showing up for work.
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  20. KeepinTime

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    Good. The more dough the Skins blow on guys who’ll never play the less they have to sign decent players to compete against the Cowboys.
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