David Irving in trouble for drug-test failure

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Who the heck is this Irving David guy? And why is he even darkening the Cowboys' playoff doorstep with his nonpresence? Sounds like a contrived distraction to me.
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    Why does it not surprise me that something negative gets the most attention today.
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    There's always someone who makes excuses for these guys. You always seem to be one of them.
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    This is the million dollar mystery question. Unfortunately,we won’t get some more light to shed on it,until after the year...if at all.
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    I cam understand what you're saying and agree if a real mental illness is involved. I sometimes wonder, no, I know from family experience that some "mental illness" is not that at all - simply a manner and method of attributing a cause/effect dynamic to a chain of bad life decisions. It can be the post modern way of absolving personal responsibility. Add to that a medical profession who over diagnoses and over-medicates and it goes from bad to worse.

    I'm not a shrink so I don't propose to diagnose Irving. But, I have gone through the bitter divorce and child custody battle and I did it without the luxury of a high-dollar NFL salary. It was hard and there were times I honestly thought about putting a bullet in my brain but I did not. God is gracious. I had 163 folks working for me during those 2 years and I think I would have fared better if all I had to do was something physical ... like show up for football.

    Again, I'm not saying what is and what isn't in Irving's case - Just saying that the current love affair with ascribing a chemical imbalance or neurological problem to every act of bad behavior is off the rails.
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    You know, I really don't care if people want to smoke the weed or not. However, that should have no bearing on whether or not a company allows its use as a condition of employment. I work for a very large technical firm (some 86,000 employees worldwide), and we have offices in states and countries where weed is legal. Regardless of local laws, the company has a zero tolerance for weed and other substances and there's no reprieve if one fails a piss test. Is this "fair?" Well, yes it is seeing as the employee knows this going in, agrees to it and has broken the terms of his employment by firing up a doob.
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    He loves to smoke weed ?
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    Don't know - was commenting on the post I quoted - was a larger question of whether the League ought to change their policy on the hemp ...
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    Well I guess we got our answer about David. Sad man, probably a lot more going on with his mental state. Best wishes to the young man in trying to get his life back on track, that is if he even wants to. Football and his way of earning is about to get ripped from his hands. I don’t think he even realizes it yet.
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    "what do mandatory mean"?

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    Point out where in my post I made an excuse for him.

    Otherwise shut up.
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    Doesn't matter if he is or is not doing drugs...………..a missed test is a "fail" according to King Roger.

    So missing multiple drug tests is the equivalent of multiple failed tests...…………..ergo...……….his NFL career is effectively over now

    What a shame. All that talent and he just wasted it.
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    Yep...…….when you are working a 9 to 5 making $40K, those personal problems are not going to just go away. In fact, they get harder and harder.
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    That's true, Jerry has a big heart for his players. Even if they cant play anymore, he gives them jobs. Be it a scout or working in the warehouse, he finds something for them to do.

    Got to admire Jerry for that.
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    IF a mom cant get custody of her child in TEXAS...……..then she has major problems.

    Almost impossible for a man to get sole custody in Texas unless he has video evidence of the mom beating the kid or something. The courts are very conservative here and almost in all cases grant custody to the mom.
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    To be fair, getting suspended for spanking your child is apples and oranges compared to doing drugs.

    Spanking is pretty much standard discipline in the South, I personally was spanked with a leather belt growing up here in Texas and so was everybody else's kids. In fact, I imagine half of the posters on this board were spanked growing up and yes, it does leave red marks on your butt.
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    That's a pipe dream. David Irving has proven to be nothing more than a lazy malingerer who obviously is only into football for the money.

    If the missed/failed drug tests were his only issue then maybe I wouldn't feel that way. But we've watched the guy miss significant amounts of time every year during the off-season and regular season for various reasons. It's always something with this guy. There's always an excuse as to why he's not out there working hard, trying to win games with his teammates.

    If I were a member of the team I wouldn't want him back, because he obviously isn't all in.
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    If I were JJ and we won it all this year. I would make sure his SB ring is a plastic knockoff of the real thing.

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