News: DC: Star Evaluation: Important Offseason For Schultz

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Star Evaluation: Important Offseason For Schultz


    In the coming weeks, will feature players who are currently under contract for next season, analyzing their past season and their future prospects. Today, we continue the series with tight end Dalton Schultz.

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  2. CyberB0b

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    Seemed like less than a JAG to me. He's a blocking TE who had trouble blocking in the NFL.
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    I agree with Bryan if you watch Shultz college tape he was open a lot, but the QB didn't throw his way. Shultz had good routes, could shut it down quick, his feet are good.

    Give this guy time grow and he'll be ok...most fans shxt on a player if he's not an instant sensation. At least, give a guy 3 years.
  4. GenoT

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    Schultz was a rookie TE, who was in and out of the rotation, and who was being thrown to by a QB (Dak) who himself played @3 series total in the preseason and never threw a game-pass to third-stringer Schultz until the regular season.

    Maybe give him another season before passing judgement?
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  5. CouchCoach

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    I agree, give him time but in the meantime, if they don't keep Beasley, they need a consistent TE. Jarwin's starring moment came with half their secondary, and the best DB, out.

    Can they take this platoon of mid level TE's into the season and have success? Depends on whether they have a slot guy and how they use him.
  6. cern

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    difficult to evaluate a player when he's been poorly coached. te's coach was better last year than what we had in previous years. lal helped a lot. hopefully moore will eclipse the lousy linehan. what we did see towards seasons end was a far better use of our te's.
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  7. bayeslife

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    He’s very much like Connor Williams. Needs a full offseason in the weight room
  8. Blast From The Past

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    Whatever happened to letting a player develop? He comes from Stanford and has that going for him obviously he is smart and can catch the ball and run routes. Needs to bulk up and learn film study and have a oc who gives him a chance.
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  9. CyberB0b

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    He's a low ceiling guy.
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  10. Garrettop

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    The failed Rico experiment shows that "ceilings" are somewhat overrated on this board.
  11. CalPolyTechnique

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    I think he’s a 46-man roster caliber type player but I wouldn’t allow his anticipated development keep me from drafting a more dynamic talent at the position.
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  12. OmerV

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    He was a rookie who learned and got better as the year went on, and earned more and more opportunities down the stretch. He won’t be a star, but there is plenty of reason to be optimistic about his chance to be a solid, contributing #2 guy.
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  13. Pants

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    like others that aren't already stars (see cooper @ WR), I believe his development is directly related to the new OC and how he uses Schultz....I think he has upside based on seeing him in college, but lop him into the "wait and see" category based on OC Moore
  14. rnr_honeybadger

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    A lot of what the Cowboys suffer from is being way behind the rest of the NFL in terms of scheme. We run a rather outdated scheme and couple that with a head coach who thinks that every game we are going to line up and beat our way to a win. That's great from him because such a scheme requires very minimal work from him but isn't always the case given the modern NFL
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  15. John813

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    He was 244lb at the combine IIRC.
    A tad light for an inline tight end for the NFL.

    Hoping that we read that he gained some muscle/weight in the offseason and is around 255-260. Should help with his blocking. He was a good blocker at Stanford, who runs a pro offense, so I'm willing to give him some time to gain some strength to have a better chance against NFL DEs. Maybe he becomes a dependable #2, or better. I do like that he came from Stanford, who can produce NFL tight ends. Won't be the Travis Kelce type TE, but as long as he can block well and find an open spot I can't be upset over a day 3 pick developing into that.
  16. Tangle_Foot

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    The guy went from being inactive early in the season to playing well at the end of it. "Das ist wunderbar" I'm looking forward to the second year jump.
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  17. 8FOR!3

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    He was a 4th round pick and produced at times last season when Swaim went out. No he's not Travis Kelce or Gronk. He would've been a first round pick if he was. But later in the season he started to pass the eye test of OK this guy can play. He's definitely an NFL tight end, will he ever be a legit starter, maybe or maybe not. But his ceiling is pretty solid for 4th round pick TE coming off of his rookie season.
  18. Batman1980

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    I still remember the outcome of playing Russian roulette at WR last year. The only question becomes how many resources do you want to pour into TE when we run the ball at a top 5 clip?
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  19. charron

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    It's an important off season for everybody. Either step up or get out of town.
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  20. dogberry

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    How good are his hands?

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