News: DC: Star Evaluation: Important Offseason For Schultz

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Feb 7, 2019.

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    How you figure?
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    People know the deal with rookie TEs, right? How they have to come in, learn the entire playbook on top of coming up to speed with the NFL game and how that's hard and why so many of them don't make any impact at all until their 2nd or 3rd seasons?

    Give the guy a couple of years. He's not the short-term answer to our Witten problem, no. He never was. If you thought he was, you made the mistake of listening to Brian Broaddus say things about players in the draft.
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    Seems you are ignoring several things.

    One is that when Schultz was drafted, Jarwin and Rico had never caught an NFL pass, or even played in an NFL game other than Jarwin making a token appearance in a single game. Accordingly, the team didnt yet have the benefit of seeing either play at the NFL level, so they couldn’t draft knowing their TE situation

    Another is Swaim only had 7 career catches going into 2018, so the team hadn’t yet seen him used as a receiving threat in the NFL. Accordingly all the TEs already on the team were very uncertain at the time Schultz was drafted.

    Another is that Rico both then and still had/has yet to show he can be an NFL receiver, and another is that Swaim only had one year left on his contract, therefore there was no certainty either would still be with the team beyond 2018, and therefore it was reasonable to plan ahead for 2019 and beyond.

    Another is Schultz was just a rookie this year, and other than Swaim, the others were just as inexperienced, so it’s way premature to make definitive judgements on any of them. Thats even true of Swaim as well. History has shown clearly and repeatedly that rookie seasons often do not reflect how a career will go.

    Finally, the Jarwin/Schultz combo proved to be very effective the last quarter of the season when they finally started getting targets, meanwhile Swim missed significant time with injuries as he does most years, and Rico is still floundering, so the Schultz pick is actually looking very smart now.
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    He was a 4th round blocking TE. He wasn't very productive in college. In fact, he was never the #1 TE on his team at Standford. He is a throwback type of TE who doesn't do anything particularly well. I believe his ceiling is maybe a decent #2 TE in the NFL. He's basically a dime a dozen sort of guy who shouldn't prevent you from looking to upgrade the position.
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    You're ignoring that 3 developmental TEs is too much to carry on a roster, and we overpaid for Schultz to have those too many developmental TEs.

    They had seen Swaim for years. Had seen Jarwin and Rico in practice. They knew a hell of a lot more about them than Schultz. *Maybe* Schultz is the next Jason Witten. *Maybe* he's a vampire too. But I'm not putting my money on either.

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