Deep vertical passing game is key to victory

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dak_Attack_09, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. Dak_Attack_09

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    The deep passing game to Cooper & TEs will be the key to victory vs Bucs.

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  2. 817Gill

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    Very measured and logical thread by you today man. I like this.
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  3. USArmyVet

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    Given the oline injuries/replacements I would suspect that the short quick passing game is what Dallas will be attempting to achieve as I do not think the oline is going to afford Dak the 3-5 seconds required to look at consistent deep passing.
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  4. Dak_Attack_09

    Dak_Attack_09 Well-Known Member

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    If the DB is beaten at LOS which Amari will do often then the vertical passing game will work without needing extra time for route to develop.

  5. Cowboy Lover

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    I can't wait to see how we use the TE's. Gotta cover Ceedee, Michael and Amari. Watch for the brutal zeke and elusive Tony.
    Who's left to cover a sneaky TE?

    I don;t want to see a 5 yard dump off either. He should be open 15-20 yards down range + 5-10 yac.
  6. MyFairLady

    MyFairLady Well-Known Member

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    Boo yeah lets go baby. Air it out. 8,000 yards for Dak on the season.
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  7. glimmerman

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    Would like to see us open with a bomb. Or something over the top in the middle. Big play.
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  8. CATCH17

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    When this team is good Dallas jumps out to leads, holds possession of the ball with Zeke, has 3rd and manageable, chews clock and scores points.

    That’s when a Dak lead team looks like a Super Bowl contender.

    When we look like a fraud is when Dak is asked to do more, we don’t control time of possession, and we start committing every sloppy penalty in the book.
  9. Hardline

    Hardline Well-Known Member

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    The key to victory will be the running game.
  10. NEODOG

    NEODOG 44cowboys22

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    you mean converting 3rd downs

  11. John813

    John813 Well-Known Member

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    Sounds good, but got to hope the interior of the line can prevent pressure from VV and Suh to allow Dak to stretch the field.
  12. VaqueroTD

    VaqueroTD Well-Known Member

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    I think pressure on the QB is the key. It always is, especially now in this pass happy league.

    But Brady ain't scrambling out of anything if we get that pressure. It can't come from constant blitzes either. Brady's too good for that. He'll adjust and make someone pay.

    I don't trust anyone on that Defense until we repent from last year. As slow a start as our offense had this offseason, we at least know we have the players to make it happen. We don't know if the D has them, so again, they're the key.

    I sense there is a lot of pride and rejuvenation with that group, but Brady-Evans-Gronk-Brown-Godwin are lethal. They'll put the game out of reach before the halftime if this defense hasn't rebuilt.
  13. calicowboy54

    calicowboy54 Well-Known Member

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    Well i hope they have been practicing, thats 1 thing with deep passing game that needs Time and reps.
  14. thunderpimp91

    thunderpimp91 Well-Known Member

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    That’s great if a team is playing 0 coverage bump and run. With the rushers TB has available they can likely afford to sit back in 2 & 3 deep looks for the majority of the game.
  15. Coogiguy03

    Coogiguy03 Well-Known Member

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    Why's that?
  16. Dak_Attack_09

    Dak_Attack_09 Well-Known Member

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    Dak will not be rusty, and the OL will be able to run block and stiffen their pass rush.

  17. JustChip

    JustChip Well-Known Member

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    Agree. And I expect, or maybe more like hope, to see a well timed screen or 2 to Zeke and Pollard.
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  18. Jarntt

    Jarntt Well-Known Member

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    What Jarwin has historically "beat deep" is true cover 2 when he just runs and splits the seam up the middle - think Giant game at Metlife two years ago that I luckily was able to get great seats for. I didn't think the current Tampa team ran too much cover 2, but I could be wrong.
  19. 8FOR!3

    8FOR!3 Well-Known Member

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    Personally I’d be using rollouts and misdirection. That will set up the run and the deep passes
  20. JD_KaPow

    JD_KaPow jimnabby

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    This assumes the OL holds up well enough to let the TE run a route that takes time instead of staying in to block. But if the pass blocking is good enough that TE help isn't needed, there will be no shortage of options in the passing game.
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