Defending this team’s FO

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Noclaf, Mar 13, 2019.

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    How can anyone with a right mind defend these guys? Its been 22+ years of crap? Until they win anything then go ahead and defend. We have been down this road before, they think they are close and refused to do anything to make this team better. 2009 ring any bells????
  2. TheDank

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    When I saw the title, my first reaction was right now you probably shouldn’t.
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  3. Bobhaze

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    I have made abundantly clear my dislike for Jerry and his boy as FO leaders. But tofair, it’s still way too early to declare this offseason a failure. We still several big FA players to possibly nail down, the draft is over a month away.

    Despite my disdain for GM Jerry, I’m not ready to declare this offseason a failure yet. We need to wait at least a couple of months IMO.
  4. DandyDon52

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    the rams ran for what 275 yards on the cowboys, in a div rd game, and FO has done nothing to correct that.
    So that seems like a big failure to me.
    Any team playing dallas next season should just run the ball on them.
  5. CATCH17

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    They're going to bring in rookies and with Garrett's excellent schemes and coaching we will be a superbowl contender.
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  6. ConceptCoop

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    What available FAs would have fixed the issue, without potentially preventing us from signing one of our own young guys a year from now? By next offseason we have to resign Dak, Cooper, Tank, Smith, Byron and maybe Zeke. We'll only be able to tag one of them (in addition to already having tagged Lawrence).

    I understand the frustration, and they need to start bringing signing some mid and low level FAs. But avoiding the big signings is the right call. Passing on ET was the right call.

    We have a Super Bowl level roster. Now we just need SB level coaching and QB play. Dak has room to grow and Garrett has one more season to make it happen, or he’s gone.

    Again, I understand it’s frustration. But when you hit on your first round picks, trade for Cooper at the end of his rookie contract, and find gems in Smith and Dak - your own guys should take priority over big names FAs.
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  7. Sydla

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    Guys on one year or short term contracts.

    A guy like Suh, for example. He signed a one year deal last year with the Rams, played decently enough for them and because he was a one year deal, they now have the luxury of letting him walk if they want and not have any cap implications like that. The Eagles signed Alshon Jeffery to a one year deal and won a SB that year. Now they eventually extended him long term but they had the ability to let Jeffery walk after a year if they wanted to and it would have had no long term implications on their cap.

    There are deals like that every year, where there are vets that can still play that sign short term, even one year deals, to help a team in the short term that won't muck up a team's cap down the road.

    And this franchise REFUSES to take advantage of that. So, frankly, the argument that we can't sign really anyone good in FA because it will hurt us signing guys down the road is poppycock. Teams somehow make this work all the time.
  8. UpNorth

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    This offseason was a failure
  9. charron

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    The last 5 years have netted 3 losses in the 2nd round of the playoffs. And that has been the best 5 year run in the last 22. So it could be worse, we could have the Campo years again.
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  10. ConceptCoop

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    How many 1 year contacts have been given out so far? Those usually come later in the process. The high priority FAs usually aren’t interested in one year deals.

    This is the first time in a while where we’ve had the cap to sign big one year deals, without kicking the can down the road via reatructures. Let’s see what they do, but it’s too early to say they failed to do that.
  11. Mobinvans

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    What's new
  12. kskboys

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    It's taken 23 years just for Jerry to become a bottom of the league GM. Funny how shocked he was when the Rams ran up the middle on us. How in the world could anyone NOT see it coming?
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  13. Doomsday101

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    Defend not overpaying on outside FA when we have pro bowl players who are FA or about to enter FA? I want to see this team take care of some key players on this team. Dak, Zeke,Cooper and getting a long term deal with DLaw is every bit as important
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  14. TwoDeep3

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    Bob, I respect your opinion. Very few here have a higher respect by me. But truthfully, how can you see the machinations of the past being played out this off season and not conclude this is just more of the same?

    There is a time when, if you believe in your team and its playmakers, its time to push all the chips into the center of the table.

    Football players do not age like fine wine. Wasting another year because it's prudent gets you what this team has delivered over the past twenty something years.

    What we are seeing is the same caution that ends up keeping us around the middle of the pack. Never reaching the prize. Never being poor enough to reach a top draft pick.

    Mediocrity breeds an never ending status of being mediocre. Mediocre owner. Mediocre head coach. Mediocre players. Mediocre results.

    If Jerry is shocked by how difficult it is to reach the top rung and be the World Champs, then why not try something different and stop playing with scared money?

    Jimmy said that once about scared money. And do you, or anyone on this site believe that if he were given free reign in the early 90's this team would not have reeled off at least another one Super Bowl win, if not several more?

    Dallas had the Belichick of the 90's. And unlike Robert Kraft, Jerry thought it was a great idea to run that coach off instead of being a great manager and placating Jimmy's ego and allowing him to take all the credit.

    Because a team with four, five, or six Super Bowl titles in a decade would reflect on the owner in a way Jerry will never achieve.

    If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. But if it is broke, then swing away.

    As it stands this team never reaches the top. In a situation when a man has nothing to lose, he either goes all out or disappears in history.
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  15. Bobhaze

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    Let me clarify TD....I’m in no way satisfied with the output of this FO. The last thing I would do is defend the laziest GM in the NFL. What I am saying essentially is that the offseason is not over, so we don’t have all the evidence.

    Let me use an analogy. Think of the offseason as a semester exam with 100 questions. How can we give a final grade on a test where the student has only completed 25 questions. Granted, they have incorrectly answered many of those questions, but we need to wait to give a grade until the test is completed. This Jones “student” has a poor academic record so to speak, but I don’t think we should issue a report card a few weeks too early.

    That’s all I’m saying.
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  16. mcduff

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    About the Rams running over us......
    Stop setting/showing your defense with 20 seconds on the play clock so the coach can mike in the play from the booth. Stop giving "tells" in your DL's stances. Watch what NE did, they set their defense after the offense got in their stance and stopped that nonsense. Oh I guess that's a coaching topic but actually goes full circle to this. BTW Woods and Collins with a little depth are just fine with the proper coaching.....
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  17. ondaedg

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    I don't understand the logic to prioritizing our own guys over everyone else. Shouldn't we prioritize the guy who will have the biggest impact regardless of where he comes from? These guys know this is a business so if a guy moved on it's no big deal.
  18. DBOY3141

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    they bought new cleats:)
  19. ondaedg

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    No they're not just fine. The Super Bowl featured 3 current or former all pros at the dt position. There is a very good reason why teams like New England and the Rams place a premium on the middle of their defense.
  20. Kaiser

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