Twitter: Dez Bryant tweet on Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Dec 22, 2019.

  1. Big_D

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    He’s not wrong. Fans been saying this for years. Garrett’s been a huge waste of time and talent. And Jerry’s the dumazz who let it happen!
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  2. iamliko22

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    Witten controlled Garrett and still does. that's the point I was making..cooper played great for those games.. no doubt.. I SAID TODAY. not for the season. cooper been playing like raiders cooper for 6 weeks.
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  3. john van brocklin

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    Really all of us in cowboy nation have lost out.
    Just sad, but its just a game.
    Gotts keep perspective
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  4. Alweezy

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    A good example of what we went through happened just this year. Look at this season, you didn't see New Orleans benching Drew Brees for Teddy Bridgewater, just because Bridgewater got hot.

    Can you imagine, New Orleans, a team playing for super bowls, going... well we're going to bench Drew Brees because the team is really getting behind Teddy. "He's the hot hand right now".

    The Saints do the correct thing, and Drew Brees comes back, and a team that was already good.. becomes elite.

    in 2016, Dallas had the same opportunity. We could have become elite by reinserting Romo into the offense. Dak had a great year that year, but it is fact that he was not running a full offense.

    What could we have done, if we had the full playbook at our disposal?

    And that's the problem with the JG era, too many what if's.. or shoulda.. or situations where the chemistry isn't right, etc... We've squandered 2 title runs, and countless careers, and that really is the heart of Dez's message. Garrett is a good guy, and a high intelligence mind prob, but he's had his 10 years. It's time to try something else.
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  5. glimmerman

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    Lol. JJ did this. He didn’t allow JG to do it. JJ runs the show. Why do you think JG just stands and claps. It’s all he is allowed to do. Hire football people to do football things. Sit in your box and drink and watch your team win. You have and had a great roster....
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  6. Alweezy

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    This sums it up well. Sure, it was making sense not to switch back. But when we turned it into more than what it needed to be, which was "riding the hot hand" and turned it into an all out changing of the guard etc. We got too smart. Should have just played the best players and the wins would have worked themselves out. Not some chemistry related nonsense.
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  7. Silly

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    I don't know.... Dez always played hard.
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  8. rocyaice

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    While true....some of those guys were here with Wade and even Parcells...
  9. tecolote

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    Romo leaving was the reason for his decline. Dak wasn’t a great passer then and probably still isn’t.

    just look a Coops production this year.
  10. DeathMonkey

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    Yes, but Dez did mail it in after he got paid (and even admitted that he mailed it in). So it's not like he's some paragon of "I was wronged." He's as guilty as Garrett. Granted that at that point if I was playing under Garrett, I'd probably be beaten down by the incompetence enough to mail it in.

    But Dez definitely took too much heat for calling it like it is....but he's not innocent.
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  11. Zman5

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    What's funnier is JG didn't even let Romo compete to get his starting role back yet Witten, who's been out of football for a year, gets his starting role handed to him. Talk about double standards.
  12. iamliko22

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    that's all I'm saying
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  13. Doomsday

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    What might be the funniest part is we don't know if JG even had a say in either matter. For all any of us know, Jerry made both of those calls.
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  14. Zman5

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    I'm sure Jerry was involved but I remember seeing something then Jerry wanted Romo but JG and Stephen wanted Dak. I think the best approach would have been have them both compete and go with the better player. I thought Romo at least deserve a chance to compete.
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  15. Gator88

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    This is why the franchise is doomed even after Jerry is gone to be honest. Nothing will change.
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  16. zeke21

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    This a thousand times.. Such a stupid decision then and yet so many on here supported it. I've never seen an all pro QB so disrespected. No one was suggesting that Dak wasn't playing well.. he was.. he did better than anyone could hope as a rookie.. so USE that as a GIFT that means you are still in contention when your elite QB comes back.. put him back in.. give him 2 games to get up to speed and make a great, but limited, team go to the next level.

    Yes it is still an issue I am so angry about because we basically blew our best chance of onfield success in 15 years for no better reason than marketing.

    At the time Romo got healthy.. the worst case scenario is that he comes in.. you lose a game or two and then go back to Dak.. We had enough cushion to still be leading division.. Dak would have had some time to get some rest and energy into his legs and sit on the sidelines and watch Romo go to work.. You could have even had them splitting drives if you really thought Dak was the answer.. but they basically denied Romo the chance to even step onto the field. They KNEW that he would absolutely roll and smash it and the 'dak attack' would be quickly forgotten.. I still don't fully understand what they were thinking. Even the one drive they did give Romo.. which gets ignored because it wasn't in clutch.. but he cut through the D like butter.. like he was crisp, sharp.. perfect execution. Watching it makes me sad everytime.. what could have been.

    What level of stupidity leads you to sit a potential HOF QB for a rookie who was game managing on the back of a HOF RB and OLINE??
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  17. mmohican29

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    I'll go with no, he doesn't understand this.

    Accountability isn't a high-priority organizational core philosophy in Dallas.

    Beginning with Jones/Garrett all the way down to the Brett Maher's of the world- accountability has no place here. Why would Dez have any at all?
  18. Northern_Cowboy

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    That's possible but if i had to guess i would say Stephan had more influence thinking they found a franchise QB and had a quicker way to get out of Romo's deal. My guess is JG and Stephan Jones convinced JJ this was the way to go
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  19. zeke21

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    That was the mail at the time.
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  20. LatinMind

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    Dez trashed himself. If he wouldve studied the playbook and wouldve been able to run more then a go route and a slant he would be a HOF guy. Not just a guy wh had 3 great yrs and avg numbers the rest of his yrs

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