Twitter: Dez calls out Jason Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Nov 1, 2021.

  1. Brax

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    Dez was so great that's why he has done so much with all those teams who could wait to sign him, LOL . Dez is a bitter washed up player who just can't let it go that he couldn't cut any more any where.
  2. Big_D

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    All the Garrett scapegoats should be bitter!
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  3. Diehardblues

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    Waste their career? That would be under the assumption that making millions and setting Cowboys records with celebrity athlete status was all a waste. Oh I know, cause they didn’t win a championship their illustrious careers were a waste.
  4. stilltheguru

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    I never bought Jason being some great leader like many on here.
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  5. Pantone282C

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    His unquiet mind is taking out the garbage.
  6. OmerV

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    The same TO that called his QB in SF gay and who couldn't get along with his QB and coach in Philly and publicly talked trash about his team and QB in Philly and even refused to talk to teammates in Philly for a stretch of time?
  7. Nova

    Nova Ntegrase96

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    Uh yeah… duh
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  8. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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    Everybody’s career in the NFL is a waste if they don’t win a championship,
  9. Plankton

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  10. Chuck 54

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    Dez needs to shut the F up and find a hobby.
    Every quote from him just pushes him even further from any NFL interest. “Let go, Dez! Move on with your life!”
  11. SiCk_DiAbLo

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    Surely Dez misses playing with the Cowboys, but poor decisions hyped him up and ended his career...
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  12. gimmesix

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    The problems with Garrett had little to do with relationships and a lot to do with the failures of his system. This locker room is tightknit because we're winning and players buy in when you're winning. Go back and look at the rift in Green Bay during McCarthy's final couple of seasons.
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  13. tyke1doe

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    Dez appears petty and bitter.
    Jason Garrett has gone on his merry way. Dez needs to do the same.
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  14. dfense

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    Sounds alot like TO. Love for everyone until there isn't.
  15. Captain-Crash

    Captain-Crash Well-Known Member

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    garrett sucked up to Romo because Romo knew garrett didn't know crap. hair piece guy was just alone for the ride.
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  16. DallasInDC

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    IDK...Garrett held this team back despite the talent... people want to lay the blame off 25 years of lack of success... rightfully so, but Garrett in his own right is accountable for 10 of those 25 years...I am resentful of that. So I say let it rip Dez... tell it like it is... no sweeping Garrett's failure under the rug.

    FVSTONE Well-Known Member

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    Hey Dez, go work on your patterns for your big comeback...............ha-haaaaaa! Old news is no news!
  18. Kingofholland

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    I'm sure this is in part why he was released by the Cowboys.
  19. McKDaddy

    McKDaddy Well-Known Member

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    absolutely true.
    course to be fair, they also put a lot of time in to be handicapped by a WR who wouldn't diversify his skills to fit the playbook.
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  20. Bob-Lillys-War

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    Its probably true that Dez wasted his best year's under Garrett . Under a system that didn't let him shine .

    I feel bad for dez .
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