Twitter: Dez: Cowboy perks make some players soft

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Jan 17, 2022.

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    I think Ceedee is an example of this. Dude has gotten a bunch of attention, endorsements and now over 1 million followers on IG being a Cowboy, he had like 100K when at Oklahoma.

    Getting the 88 number and everybody touting him as the next great receiver has held him back, in my opinion. He hasn’t improved at all from his rookie year and isn’t anywhere near living up to the hype he was and is getting.
  3. Hawkeye0202

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    This is where you miss the Bill Parcell of coaching .........
  4. Dre11

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    Love Dez, but he was a part of the problem here.
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  5. jsb357

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    Dez knows soft.
    Dez knows overpaid
    Dez dropped it
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  6. DandyDon1722

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    I’m I agree.

    I also think Zeke has coasted until this year when Pollard lit a fire under his butt. There’s a reason he didn’t want to sit out. He was finally pushed for the first time in his football life and he was better for it.
  7. Aviano90

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    This has been said many times. The players are treated as if they have also won 5 SBs.
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  8. MikeT22

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    And Diggs started reading his press clippings and sought out interceptions rather than coverage.
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  9. tyke1doe

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    This is what I most fear for Micah Parsons. Will he be able to overcome the culture?
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  10. Tabascocat

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    If Dez is one thing only it is passionate :thumbup:
  11. SSoup

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    Dez, the guy who is currently abusing his status with our fanbase in order to hawk an NFT scam, has some very serious thoughts on how it's a bad thing for players to exploit the perks available to Cowboys? Interesting.
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  12. America's Cowboy

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    Yes and No...Dez.

    Yes to say many players go bad after becoming a spoiled Dallas Cowboys player, but he pointed his ire at the wrong players.

    Dak has always been a hard worker both on and off the field. He always takes his position seriously and always does whatever it takes to get better, so that disqualifies Dak as one to point the finger at.

    Zeke and Pollard actually worked their tails off all offseason. Everyone saw the videos where both were working out hard every day in the offseason with private strength/speed/technique trainers.

    Anyone else is debatable.
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  13. infamousstyles

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    Diggs hasn't been talked about enough on this board. Love he's a ball hawk but some of the lazy coverage I saw yesterday was mind boggling. He needs to work on being a better CB over the off season.
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  14. EST_1986

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    Ban this man
  15. EST_1986

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    He’s a massive risk taker and it bites him and the team in the *** and other times it changes the entire momentum
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  16. jsb357

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    truths hurts don't it

  17. Jake

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    Soft players are more apt to stand at a podium and blame officials on a day when there was plenty of room for self-evaluation. Soft coaches, too.
  18. Corso

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    It wasn't Parcells, per se, it was Jerry being willing to step away for a few seasons so he could get his Stadium and allowing his Star coach to, you know... coach.

    Parcells with regular Jerry would have been par for the course until Bill leaves in frustration.
    Which would have been quick.
  19. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    this, love the tuna.
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  20. JonesBoys

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    I’m hoping he can be part of the culture chanae.He may change it for sure on defense all by himself. Players are going to want to follow his lead especially after a few seasons under his belt.

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