Twitter: Dez: I don’t have no sympathy for coach Garrett losing his job

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Jan 5, 2020.

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    Dez actually achieved stuff in the NFL, unlike the weasel he's talking about.
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    I didn't like Garrett much when he was hired, but I gave him a chance. As the years passed and his incompetence became more glaring, I started to dislike him more. Still, I continued to support him and when the 12-4 season happened I thought he had finally turned the corner. But that appeared to be an anomaly. What really raised my ire towards him was his treatment of Tony in what turned out to be his last year as an NFL QB. He completely turned his back on his claims about the Dallas Cowboys being a meritocracy, likely due to the notion that it was Romo that was carrying the team for so many years through his learning on the job. So I don't see how he's such a good man. It seems to me that he scapegoats others for his mistakes for his own self-interest.
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    Ya kicked it up a notch! In the words of Emeril lol :hammer:
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    Garrett is passionate and loves football. Ok? Lol. So is everybody on this website. Fail again
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    I’ve been passionately incompetent at many things. But being so is typically short lived
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    I can't argue with that Tweet...
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    I'm as happy as everyone else that he is gone.. no doubt he wasn't up to the task but I truly believe he gave it 100% of what he had.

    In fact he reminds me a lot of our current QB and maybe that is why he ditched Romo for Dak in the first place.. I think Garrett believed that hard work would win over natural ability and that ability+hardwork= talent.. and that talent would win over scheme. If we failed it was never, in his eyes, the scheme at fault but rather the individual executing. That is why he talked process so much and hardwork. Seemingly he failed to understand that most guys who start in the NFL have ability.. and most of them have worked hard to get there.. trying to win on pure talent alone is not enough in the salary cap/draft era.

    Yes hardwork is needed but there is so much more to modern football than 'hard work' and Garrett never fully grasped that. Ironically we have ended up with one of the softest lists with a poor work ethic.. I think in part because of garretts failure to understand the modern player and consistently being left behind the trends. I don't believe the players bought into the method at all and it was a major failing.
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    I ran out of likes for everyone on this thread...
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    Why should he? I don't feel bad for Jason, the coach either. He's been compensated well and he'll get another opportunity in the league. He'll be fine.
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    I'm sure Romo has no sympathy for Garrett either.
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    No one other than the players and coaches really know what went on behind closed doors. I can’t imagine being a coach at the NFL level none of us can unless we have been there. It’s a tough profession dependent on results and in the end he wasn’t getting the desired results. A coach can only do so much but in the end it’s his job to put his players in the best possible situation to succeed. This mess ultimately sits on Jerry, whether it was his meddling or maybe putting Garrett in a position he wasn’t ready for who knows. Sometimes people are put in impossible situations to succeed
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    Where was Twitter when Dave Campo was fired...
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    His tweets are bleats.
  15. cern

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    Dez has had more than enough time to get back on the field and shut everyone up by playing well. The fact he hasn't is indicative of his passion.
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    Wade Phillip's reaction when he heard the news........

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    Which is it?

    Is Jer-Jer the reason the Cowboys seem incompetent, or was it Jason's fault?
    Read one thread, it's all on Jerry.
    Read another thread, It's Jason's incompetence.

    Anybody know?
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    Sooooo he does have sympathy then? :huh:

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    I’m posting regularly, apart from some holiday traveling. I just don’t reply to stupid, repetitive questions that I’ve already answered repeatedly. That narrows down the options these days, unfortunately.
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    Are the Cowboys still paying for his handlers?
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