Did Amari Cooper play today?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by D4KADON, Dec 19, 2021.

  1. gmb1

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    I love Dak but this picture is lowkey funny
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  2. Section446

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    Yeah, Dak just struggles to get the ball to WR's.
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  3. GoldenR

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    Can not get catches when you check down 50 times because your confidence in the QB is that of Tebow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. baltcowboy

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    The Cowboys played conservative this game because of the wind at Met life stadium. This was a game to run the football and play defense.

    FVSTONE Well-Known Member

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    No, all the receivers boycotted the game because Dak was starting at QB...................
  6. Cmac

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    Dak will be at Lens Crafters in the morning.
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  7. MichiganCowboyFan

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    Okay, fine. So who are you re-signing, who are you re-structuring? It's obvious that Gregory, Kearse, and Hooker all need to be re-signed. We need to decide on keeping one of Gallup or Schultz. Need to make a decision on Connor Williams. Need to make room to keep solid rotational guys like Watkins who won't break the bank but will cost more than vet minimum.

    I'd consider Kazee and LVE to be goners at this point. Keanu Neal has underwhelmed as well.
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  8. ksadler1

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    Over-rated or not, it still helps the passing game when your QB is a threat to run. Dak leaves too many yards on the field...
  9. jwooten15

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    Dak has a boy crush on Lamb and locks in on him entirely too often. Amari was still getting open. Dak just doesn’t look his way
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  10. zeke21

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    This is 100% on the QB. Our QB stinks and is getting stinkier.. and guys like Cooper will suffer. He was open 2-3 times that you could clearly see even on the TV coverage.. but Dak is either locked into another receiver and won't progress or Dak has already started running around in circles in the backfield because he has jitters.
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  11. quickccc

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    i wouldn't be surprised ......

    Hasn't been the same since Denver game ..and since his return from calf injury .... he says he's 100% healthy .. but Dak is also the kind of QB that relies so heavily on his technically throwing mechanics that if he off, his game goes buck awful and he'll revert to that 2018 Dak.
  12. Fizziksman

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    it was road game
  13. BleedSilverandBlue

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    Cooper is a terrible value for his contact (could also be said about a few high profile offensive players on our roster but I digress). This does not mean he is a bad player. You can be a good player and a bad value for your cap hit at the same time (like Dak and Zeke. Good players will ridiculous contracts). 20 million a year for 1,100 yards and 7 TDs is not good business. I really do not foresee a scenario where we manage to keep him and improve the rest of the roster at all this offseason. I think Amari Cooper has been an awesome player for us but the time has come. I would rather resign Gallup and have some money to spare for rebuilding the offensive line with a proven commodity or two in FA. There will be tough calls made by the front office and honestly I do not know what the right ones will be.
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  14. KJJ

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    He’s come back a different QB than we saw the first 7 games. The two weeks off and the calf injury has gotten his game off track. Time is running out for him to get out of this funk before the playoffs. We’re not going to make it far with the way he’s playing right now. Not trying to put it all on him but if your trigger man is off it’s going to affect your passing game. He’s missing too many throws. At least the running game looked better today and Pollard didn’t look like he lost a step from his injury.
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  15. Floatyworm

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    Keep thinking that.....:popcorn:
  16. StarChamber_33

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    Don't be so quick to wright off Cooper, every defense the cowboys play against try to take him away because he is the BEST WR and the BIGGEST THREAT in the passing game. The attention he gets allows Cee Dee, Gallup, Shultz etc., more opportunities to get open. Without Cooper the main focus of the opposing defense goes to Cee Dee who is great after the catch (when he actually catches the ball)., but is still learning how to run good routes and CONSISTENTLY get open down the field.. Cooper's value to this team goes beyond his STATS.
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  17. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    The passing offense was fine. Was it dynamic or all world, nope... was it trash, nope.
  18. quickccc

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    - Kellen is watering down and going more conservative in an effort to simplify and scale back the offense for Dak,..

    - we see none of the pre-snap motion and moving alignments that Kellen is known for , and Dak is going lesser downfield than ever.

    - much like KC chiefs, teams are not blitzing and leaving open spaces for receivers - they are keeping everything in front and having more defenders back underneath .

    - they are forcing Dak to be more patient and be more efficient reacting - they are forcing him to adjust and hes' not making adjustments, making more mistakes and bad reads
    than ever before. And there's no change up - Kellen doesn't do RB screens well, and its' the same roll out to Schultz..
    Teams have that on film now .

    - Running game stilll has it's flaws and holes .. even if zeke and pollard was healthy, we'd still have run game problems
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  19. Cmac

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    That's exactly what I saw.....he's playing like a "one-read young QB", right now.
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  20. Cmac

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    Coop might say this is just ridiculous.

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