Did Amari Cooper play today?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by D4KADON, Dec 19, 2021.

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    can they make the clear visiors into glasses for dak, it's obvious he can't see.
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    This is a fair assessment, but to point out, as I said in the past:

    Dak as a runner is over-rated. He’s not agile, like a Rodgers or Herbert, he’s strong and husky, hard to bring down. He was a physical runner and his ‘spectacular’ plays were often built off the fact he escaped the grasp of defenders through strength.

    This wasn’t going to last in the NFL or regularly, especially with his slow processing and horrible mechanics and robotic movements. It was never a formula for success, and with his calf injury, it’s pretty much done.
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    You're being overly emotional about this. I like to see our players get paid. Cooper's contract puts him at the 4th highest per year cap hit of all receivers in the NFL (this is even 2 seasons after the contract. Salaries have had time to catch up to his market resetting deal). He is indisputably an amazing player, but is it the best use of cap resources when you have CD and potentially Gallup as well if you elect to keep him? I do not know and I think it is worth discussion.

    If we had ample cap space next season I would love to keep Coop even at his current price. He is a great player for us however, we are in a bit of a tight situation next season and we need to explore where we can make up the difference. Not saying Coop needs to be gone, saying he is certainly a cut option.
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    I'm sure Jerry cut him a check.
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    Overly emotional?.....not at all. In fact, simply stoic and realistic about it. As for cut options.....every player on the team is cut option. It is worth a discussion in the hands of the Franchise The amazement I generally have is when a player meets/exceed the current market value, heartache and the cry to cut/release surfaces, even if injury gets factored in. But if a player exceeds pay with performance......"He signed the contract." is the theme. I.E.....the franchises can't hold all the cards in negotiating, but they do always have to right to cut/release, at the drop of a hat. That's why there are Cap ramifications.
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    Well yeah, the name of the game is to maximize player value per dollar of cap you are allocating to that player. The key to winning in the NFL is getting more than contract value from important positions on your roster. If you are getting contract value or worse at each level, you will not be winning much of anything. This is why rookie contracts for star players are so valuable (Diggs, Parsons, CD, Gallup, etc). You can potentially get probowl level players for 4 seasons on under market deals. When the time comes to pay that talent, you do if you can. Production per dollar is the name of the game in the NFL. I generally agree with Dallas' strategy of paying our homegrown players when the time comes and building through the draft.

    I agree with you about the amount of vitriol that gets spewed about some of our players on big contracts. You have to pay good players and that is how professional sports works. I don't like to rip our players for their contracts and like to see them get paid, however in this case we are having an objective discussion about the cap ramifications of the Cooper deal after two years. We are in a different situation than we were when we signed him to that contract and I think this is a totally valid discussion to be having.

    I am sure the front office will pour over their options for getting under the cap this offseason. I am sure we will restructure a bunch of deals to clear space, but we will likely be looking to upgrade at a few places on the roster. I am sure they will also give long hard thought to cutting some expensive veterans. I am not saying I want anyone gone, but it may be the reality we are looking at.

    As far as getting overly emotional I was referring to this. I try to make an objective and honestly respectful post about the cap ramifications of Cooper's contract in present day and you immediately start with the exasperated, melodramatic BS that is all over this board. If I misinterpreted the tone of your replies, I extend you an apology and we will leave it at that.
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    courtesy of @WillieBeamen

    I have to call a spade a spade. If this was another receiver that had played here yall would be tearing him to shreds.
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    Where are his targets? The guy is an amazing route runner yet he has 5,7,2,4,5 targets in his 5 games.

    I really think Dak is struggling to get the ball to the outside WRs, almost everything is going to the middle of the field to Lamb and Schultz. Most of Gallup's receptions have come on slant routes as well.

    The one deep ball he threw yesterday was really late and underthrown by 10 yards.
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    I've said many times Cooper is immensely talented but lacks any dog in him. He's perfectly content catching a few passes each week for a handful of yards.
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    Nice cheapshot going out......love you too.
  11. BleedSilverandBlue

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    Whatever dude. Make snide four word remarks in threads and people aren't going to like you. I was actually trying to apologize to you there too. :rolleyes:
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    Don't talk sense.. apparently Cooper needs to throw the ball to himself.. or get even more open.. or ignore the fact that when he does get open.. Dak puts it 10 yards short and on the ground.

    We have all seen the Dak vs David Carr video.. I want every idiot that still thinks Dak is a legit QB to watch that video. I agree that Dak wasn't really trying for the first toss.. but Carr nails it.. then Dak gets more and more interested (read embarrassed) as they go down the line. Dak was legit trying to hit those targets. David friggen' Carr hits one after the other.. straight down the line.. then even 'skims' the last one after they have a joke about doing that. THAT is what accuracy is but better. I've seen Brady and Rodgers do that stuff with their eyes closed. Those dudes could be wearing a suit, with sunglasses on inside and a monkey on their back and still hit 90% of the targets.

    Dak just IS NOT and never has been accurate. What does that mean for a pure route running WR like Cooper? Very hard to get a connection when the defense is playing coverage and not blitz. Add in the fact that Dak won't throw unless you have 5 yards on your defender.. and Cooper gets very few targets.

    I'm not saying if Cooper is or isn't a great WR.. I don't think he is anything particularly special.. but if people don't see that this ALL belongs on the QB then I don't know what they are watching.

    Stick Rodgers in our offence and he is scoring 40 more times than not.
  13. WillieBeamen

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    Dude is 3rd fiddle to Dalton Schultz and Ceedee

  14. Cmac

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    Sensitivity issues and defensive nature.....ok.
  15. Zekeats

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    Which actually means the opposite. Nobody is scared of Dak. They are still pressing man outside and bringing a safety down in the box.
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    Giants had an absolutely depleted offense. I’m shocked Cooper wasn’t getting looks in slants etc Giants had ST guys lining up at CB.
  17. BleedSilverandBlue

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    Nah, I actually just think you should treat people with respect even on an internet forum (this is a longshot I know).
  18. Cmac

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    Now sure where the disrespect came from, but if any way that's what you felt.....I'm sorry. Never personal, even despite some adjectives that come my way. None of us getting paid for this. All good on my end, hope the same. And we can disagree again.

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