Did Anyone Else Want to Go for it on 4th and 6 on the Last Drive?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Blackspider214, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. Dale

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    I truly believed we would lose by settling for a field goal, and was texting my buddies that very thing in the moment.

    Still, we did the right thing kicking. Had we been on the brink of field-goal range — 4th and 6 staring at a 58-yard attempt — maybe the conversation is different.

    But I’m not sure there is a coach in the league who would have gone for it in that situation last night.
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  2. Crown Royal

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    Yep - I am not sure people realize how much it was a low percentage to win situation no matter what. I think I saw that even with the "high" percentage FG, it was like a 32% chance of victory at that point. Unfortunately we were in the hole and there was no right answer.

    There are decisions to second guess, but this is a hard one to hold the coach accountable for - didn't work out but I have no problem with the kick.
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  3. TequilaCowboy

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    The way Sewerline was kicking, a 47 yarder is not a high percentage play. Got lucky he made it, or the Cowboys would have lost the game right there too.
  4. Kingofholland

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    In Madden yes, but in that situation you have to kick the field goal.

    If we went for it and failed there would be a lot more threads about what a poor decision maker McCarthy is.
  5. dogberry

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    Leaving Brady or Rodgers with too much time will get a team beat.

    The play that allows the clock to continue running is the correct option.

    Too many memories!
  6. jaythecowboy

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    I'm ok with them kicking on 4th and 6. Maybe if they were closer I would have been more open to going for it.
  7. Xeven

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    Honestly, when you play the GOAT, you should always go for it because it makes little difference where you give him the ball.

    Early FG attempts are a waste verses the GOAT in most cases. He plays even better from behind.
  8. CowboyRoy

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  9. alicetooljam

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  10. ReverendFelcher

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    So much so, that I thought I was hallucinating when McDummy marched out the FG unit. You don't give Brady or Rodgers a chance to win the game with a minute and a half left when they ONLY need a field goal.
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  11. Clove

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    I would've gone for it and let the chips fall. Anything is better than a slow death by Brady, Rodgers or Mahomes, because I think Brady even scores a TD if he has to, but make him do that vs a 3 pointer.
  12. tico

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    I wanted us to run on 1st down.
  13. Blackspider214

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    So you were happy with settling for 3 right there and giving Brady the ball back with that time and a timeout needing a FG to win? And this was not a chip shot FG and with a shaky FG.

    Again, losers settle for FGs. Winners score TDs. We settle for FGs way too often and lose.
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  14. Blackspider214

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    This drive was almost identical to the last drive in the Green Bay playoff game Dak's rookie year. We are driving and then bog down big time and give Rodgers too much time and have to settle for 3.

    Yeah, that incomplete pass on 1st down killed all our momentum. That play looked all on Lamb. For all the good he did last night, he had some momentum killing plays and bad drops.
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  15. Blackspider214

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    I guess you did not want to win. Settling for 3 with over 90 seconds left, Brady coming in, only needing a FG to win and a timeout is a death sentence with this defense. The game was over once that happened.

    FGs are for losers. Which we settle for very often.
  16. Blackspider214

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    You definitely get it. Field goals aren't going to win that game unless we got another 1st down to bleed the clock down and keep getting closer. Settling for it that point was nothing more than gift wrapping the game back to Brady. Our secondary had no answer to contain all their WRs. Our DL gets absolutely no pressure on Brady besides one or 2 times. Brady could have scored a TD if he wanted on that last drive but they got so far into our territory, he threw 3 passes out of play on purpose.

    And the fact McCarthy and company were celebrating after that FG made me laugh. Like we really accomplished something with that much time left.

    Did anyone expect this defense to actually make a play to seal the game?
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  17. Blackspider214

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    Yep. McCarthy played to lose doing that. TB was not stopping our offense all night. Go get the 6 yards and keep the ball and win the game for real. Not just take a temporary lead.

    This was not 4th and long. 6 yards is extremely doable.
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  18. zrinkill

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    But the only reason it was even 4 and 6 is because they always intended to go for the field goal ........ They wasted plays to put the ball on the favored hash mark.

    I hate that dumb loser crap
  19. CarolinaFathead

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  20. lockster

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    Yes because of so much time 9n the board. And our lack of stopping brady

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